For the Condors?

Washington State is looking to ban lead shot across the board.  The hearing on the bill is today.  Why?  To save the California Condor.  The problem?


This is the California Condor’s established range.  Notice a problem?  Remember, it’s all about saving wildlife!  It’s not about driving up costs to stamp out a politically incorrect sport.  Not at all!

3 thoughts on “For the Condors?”

  1. If the people of Washington let this happen its just a another door closing on the sportsmans and another opens for the anti hunter. Don’t let this happen…………

  2. It’s entirely retarded, but something the present Administration might consider nationally as a sop to eco-weenies and anti-hunters.

  3. Sheesh. At least they could have said it was to save the Washington condor. I’ll bet more folks would’ve bought it, too

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