Ted Nugent in the Washington Times

Probably about as reconciliatory as you’re going to get from Uncle Ted, which is to say it’s not. Like I said, anyone who thinks Ted Nugent was literally calling for beheadings is delusional, especially given the Braveheart reference before it.

2 thoughts on “Ted Nugent in the Washington Times”

  1. Yep, Ted doesn’t have any backup in him… And if the truth hurts, so be it… On another note, if we have 80,000,000 gun owners, we need to bump up the number of NRA members… say from the 4,000,000+ today to 80,000,000.

  2. “Metaphors needn’t be explained to educated people.”

    Best line in the story IMHO! And Old NFO is right, if we could only triple the NRA membership, we would have pretty much anything we wanted!

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