Evan Nappen: “Enough NRA Bashing!”

Folks in New Jersey that are plugged into the pro-gun scene there undoubtedly know who Evan Nappen is. He wrote the book on New Jersey Gun Laws, quite literally.

It looks like Evan is also getting tired of the crap being spewed by other pro-gun groups in regards to HR2640, and he’s writing about it over at Pro-Gun New Hampshire.

11 thoughts on “Evan Nappen: “Enough NRA Bashing!””

  1. Boy. That sounds familiar. Perhaps if we printed it out, rolled it into a tube, and proceeded to thwack the GOA over the head w/ it, it might have more of an effect.

  2. I know what you mean. I’m really tired of this issue, to be honest. But someone with Evans reputation on the gun issue is a good addition to the body of work that’s already out there by folks like Clayton Cramer, Dave Hardy, and others, and I wanted to promote it.

  3. If this regulation is so rotten, horrible and treacherous to gun rights in America, then where were all the NRA bashers’ voices when this regulation was proposed?

    Is this the crux of the argument? Those of us that were past the fetus stage were bashing the issue back then, too; it doesn’t take much to find a progun individual that was opposed to the “prohibited person” portion of the Gun Control Act of 1968. Or the rest of the law, for that matter.

    Just because we haven’t gotten that one overturned doesn’t mean we should provide massive incentives for reporting to the point of providing false positives on the NICS, and then requiring those said false positives to prove a negative against the very agency that put their names in.

  4. Oh, and I particularly enjoy “Please contact your U.S. Senators and ask them to make this bill law without delay so that thousands of folks denied their gun rights can get their rights restored, including 80,000 veterans disarmed by former President Clinton.”

    The standards that HR 2460 put in place are the same as the old ones, except instead of an Attorney General, each individual agency gets to set up their own system. For those unaware, that’s stated by 18 USC 925(c) as :

    The Attorney General may grant such relief if it is established to his satisfaction that the circumstances regarding the disability, and the applicant’s record and reputation, are such that the applicant will not be likely to act in a manner dangerous to public safety and that the granting of the relief would not be contrary to the public interest.

    Anyone here think that an agency set up by the Veteran’s Association — motto : Ever wonder how badly an entire administration of psychologists could fuck something up? — will ever, ever find gun ownership as not contrary to the public interest?

    Don’t worry, though. You can appeal it to the federal district court. Because those have been so very stoutly progun, and it’s much easier and less expensive to prove a negative in a court of law.

  5. All I want to know is when supporters of H.R. 2640 are proven to be fools, willl they apologize as loudly as they demean those who can see the harm in it?

    I think not.

    Let me know when the first 10 individuals get their rights back, won’t you?

    What is so Goddamned hard for you guys to understand? The apparatus for restoring 2nd amendment rights is already in place and has been ignored and unfunded. Why do you think the same people trading you what is already yours that they refuse to honor will somehow magically become honorable when they fool you again?

    What is it you don’t get? You keep thinking this is only to weed out those other people. Dammit! Don’t you understand that to them WE are those other people?

  6. And Sebatian, IF you are in fact wrong, your post, apology or whatever, will mean nothing as the horse will have already left the barn. The fact is that ANY time you grant power to ANY governmental agency, that agency WILL seeek to expand that powwer to the largest extent possible – ATFE anyone? .

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