Well, He Did Say He’d Invade Pakistan

Looks like the first major military action of the Obama Administration is a missile strike on Pakistan.  I wonder how all the peacenik hippies who backed his election thinking he’d forever bring an end to human strife feel about this one.  I’m happy to see President Obama taking Afghanistan seriously.

6 thoughts on “Well, He Did Say He’d Invade Pakistan”

  1. Well shit, I may have to give him a little respect for that one.

    You think those hippie’s are going to take the streets in protest like they did with Bush? No, they are probably putting cyanide in their kool-aid because the Messiah has shocked them!

  2. He’s a freaking WAR MONGER! Air- Raiding villages and killing women and children!

  3. Yeah, I’m with JJR: they’ll just keep on chanting, “…peace and prosperity”, whether it’s true or not. When the MSM picks it up, it’s as good as written history.

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