Straining the Air Force

Glenn Reynolds reports that the US Air Force is having some difficulty moving Obama around with his gigantic entourage.

The large delegation traveling with the president in Europe required moving several transports, including jumbo C-5s and C-17s, from sorties ferrying supplies to Afghanistan to European bases for the presidential visit, said two military officials familiar with the issue.

Just to be clear, that a few of these, and a few of these.  How much luggage are these 500 people taking?

8 thoughts on “Straining the Air Force”

  1. From what I understand it’s $25 for the second bag, $65 if it’;s over 50lbs…and by the time they fill a C-5 they could bring down the entire Deficit, personally. But they don’t pay taxes either.

  2. What are the odds that with all that they have to keep track of, that they’ll “accidentally” leave the Obamas behind?? Gosh, one can only hope.

  3. Hell, with just a couple more planes you could invade and take over a small country with that.

  4. The C-17s are more than likely to transport the fleet of Presidential Cadillacs (the limos and all the Escalades or Suburbans or whatever they drive now), and to transport Marine One (unless the Marines flew them over, which wouldn’t surprise me).

    No clue what the C-5s are for. Maybe to get the print versions of the stimulus and the budget to all the G-20 summit attendees? I imagine it’d take two or three of them…

  5. Let me get this straight. These are the people that are criticizing corporations on living large.

  6. Bill Clinton was also well known for taking LOTS of people with him wherever he went. I think it’s a democrat thing. Waaaay back when Diane Feinstein was mayor of SF she had her highly successful handgun ban (snicker) and made a medallion out of the dozens of handguns turned in (out of the hundreds of thousands of them estimated to have been in the city) and went to the Vatican to present it to the Pope.

    I think she took over 70 people with her. At government expense, of course. How many of them do you really think you need to hand an old man a medallion?

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