“A President Like My Father”

Caroline Kennedy has endorsed Obama saying he’d be “A President like my father.” Except that her father wasn’t a socialist, and was a member of the NRA. I don’t know how to feel about Obama’s victory over rout of Hillary Clinton in South Carolina.

I tend to cheer him only because of my visceral disdain for Hillary Clinton and my admiration of Obama’s political talents. Hillary believed she was the anointed one, and I have to admit to taking great pleasure in her realization that this won’t be a cakewalk for her.

6 thoughts on ““A President Like My Father””

  1. Whether or not one wants Obama for president, one must admire his political talents.

    Hell, I would buy him a beer, but he couldn’t buy my vote.

  2. I miss seeing the old videos of ronald reagan. He combined the message of Ron Paul with more charisma than Obama. It’s a shame that Fred Thompson phoned in his campaign effort instead of really putting a lot of himself into it.

  3. If only Thompson had Obama’s political talent………

    I actually LIKE obama. He and his wife are great public speakers. Unfortunately he’s a socialist so I can’t vote for him. I’d love to vote for a woman or a black man who wasn’t a socialist.

  4. Obama was on the BOD for the Joyce Foundation, which pays the bills for a large number gun control groups. Not that he isn’t a likable guy. I would actually prefer an honest gun banner who will stand up and say he wants to ban gun.

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