It’s Not a Compliment

Jim Geraghty was hitting some great notes in today’s Morning Jolt on the topic of Jon Corzine’s testimony to Congress. He claims that even though he ran the company, he just doesn’t know where the $1.2 billion in missing customer money went in the final days of his tenure at MF Global.

Corzine conceded that he knew “there were an extraordinary number of transactions during MF Global’s last few days,” but he didn’t know that the customer cash went missing. Geraghty’s response:

Ah. So Jon Corzine ran MF Global the way Eric Holder runs the Justice Department.

Another gem out of the email has absolutely nothing to do with guns, but I thought I would share regardless:

I find Corzine to be a fascinating case. He was the man from Wall Street, wholeheartedly embraced by the Democratic party at the precise time they were denouncing Wall Street. The man went back to Wall Street and then promptly made the kind of big gambles that Solyndra-cash-losing President Obama is denouncing. He is the walking, breathing personification of the Democrats’ hypocrisy in how they view Wall Street and wealth.

2 thoughts on “It’s Not a Compliment”

  1. This is the whole democrat mantra; “It’s not my fault”. When you take a position as the CEO or commander and chief, yow now own all the problems. Leaders take charge and deal with problems – without excuses. These buffoons just want to blame other people, and that is not leadership.

  2. They also have a known and unrepentant tax cheat as Treasury Secretary. Who got the job because ran the NY Fed and helped organized many of the Wall Street bailouts that the Dems are now denouncing.

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