California Leavin’

California is shedding population faster than any other state.  Who knew that people wouldn’t want to live in a state with high taxes, overpriced real-estate, schizophrenic business regulations, bad gun laws, and earthquakes.

But before the rest of us start partying like it’s 1984, they have to move somewhere, and they take their voting patterns with them.  It’s kind of like The Borg.  You will be assimilated.

14 thoughts on “California Leavin’”

  1. Sadly, that is already happening in various places here in Montana..

    These people move in saying “We like the Montana experience” (whatever that means…) and then they start changing the places they move into what they left. The Bitterroot has seen this happen (though Huey Lewis is still cleaning egg off his face out there…).

    Montana Bullets and Blades

  2. I think that we are having the same problem here in Bucks County with NJ/NY transplants.

  3. Which is responsible for the purpling of Colorado. I don’t get that at all. Democrats destroyed your state to the point where you thought leaving was better than staying, and you’re going to vote for them again in the new state? Do they not make the connection?

  4. Sadly the same thing is happening to NH except it’s the massachusetts libs trying to get away from high taxes, overpriced real-estate, schizophrenic business regulations, bad gun laws (no earthquakes) and then trying to make NH just like MA.

  5. Florida’s experienced this for years. People from up north will move down here because of the weather and supposedly because they like the place, and as soon as they’re here, they start trying to change everything. I’ve told more than one “If you liked it the way it was up there, move back. Leave us alone, we have our own way of doing things.”

    Haven’t had any listen, yet.

  6. The same could be said of immigrants to the US — they leave their countries of origin mostly because of socialist policies which limit liberty and economic opportunity.

    Then they come here and mostly vote for the socialistic party which promises to make the US more like the places they abandoned.

  7. Sad to say, some people just don’t learn from past mistakes. Of course, different people move for different reasons. Many of my fellow ex-Californians here in Idaho moved here to get away from California’s weird mix of anarchy (naked men having sex in the middle of public streets while police stand by) and Nanny Statism (gun control laws, land use regulation, smoking rules). But some moved here because of economic reasons, and still haven’t figured out that what made Idaho better in this respect was the relatively conservative govenrment.

  8. So, you don’t like my cruel and evil plan to rid California of the scum that have ruined it? Bwahahaha!

    Soon it will be time to outlaw Cali transplants from ever returning.

    (Oh, and you forgot the annual firestorms, floods and hippies.)

  9. I think we have more Californians here in Utah than native-born Utahans. And they are messing up everything here; they have brought gangs here, and a lot of dipshit socialists.

  10. I’m originally from MA but now live in a much more gun friendly state. When I visit family back up in New England, I try to make a point to take someone new from MA up to my sister’s 35 acres in NH for some basic introduction to firearms. NH is kind of a strategic location — a largely pro-gun state bordering a very anti-gun state.

    So I guess a new campaign is in order: “Take a Hoplophobic Cali Transplant to the Range” Day


  11. “It’s kind of like the Borg. You will be assimilated.”
    Or die.

    I like markofafreeman’s suggestion, too—“‘Take a Hoplophobic Cali Transplant to the Range’ Day”. I actually like teaching people to shoot. :-)

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