A Harbinger of Things to Come

Nancy Pelosi is stacking the deck, and changing the House Rules to shut out the GOP.  This will make it much harder for Republicans to kill gun control bills.  Giving Pelosi such a solid majority was going to have consequences.  A lot of people gave me grief for fighting with the lesser of two evils last election, well, this is the evil I was fighting.  The Bush years are going to look positively rosy compared to what’s coming.

10 thoughts on “A Harbinger of Things to Come”

  1. Yes. Pelosi and her merry band of thugs are here to come. Too bad that the GOP decided to sit this this election out because of a fit of pique. McCain would have been bad but not as bad as Pelosi, Reid and Chicago style White House.

    This was well foretold,but conservatives are often whiners better to lose, so people can see how bad it is. Well these whiners will see that bad can be bad indeed. The strife for conservative perfection is to lose pretty good.

  2. I’d feel a lot better if McCain were taking the White House. Then the worst I’d have to worry about is private transfers. A new AWB would be pretty much off the table.

  3. The change you can believe is :Hegemony! This is the outcome of “bipartisanship.” Pelosi seems to be only one who doing politics the way you should do it- play to win!

    Republicans take note- the “new tone” was a lie, and if you want to survive in politics, you’re gonna have to play as hard as they do. This is the same thing they did in the 80’s, and before- These people are not your friends……….

  4. I’m not a troll, really I’m not. I’m an avid second amendment rights activist and firearms owner. But I got to tell ya, when Republicans did this, the Dems cried and republicans ran right over them. Waddya expect?

    Now really, I’m not excusing it, it’s lame, and we don’t need gun laws. But where was republican angst for the rules of the house and senate when the republicans were doing it? Does the end justify the means only when you agree with the law being passed? I think we actually are a little responsible for this (not the Second Amendment issues, but the House/Senate rules issues). It’s a little intellectually dishonest now…

    I await your flames, even though I’m really not a Troll. This just bothered me back then. And I’d be right next to you complaining if we hadn’t done the same damn things.

  5. noops:

    I know you are not a troll, don’t worry. If I ended up conveying a sense of shock, or grave injustice, I did not mean to. This is one of the perks of being the party in power. But it’s going to be bad for our gun rights, regardless.

  6. Cool, 50% of the population has effectively been disenfranchised.

    “culture of corruption”, “most ethical congress ever”

    With their approval rates in the high single digits what do you think THIS will do for them?

    The republicans might as well abstain from voting and go back to their districts, they should all issue press releases stating they will do so and why. Let the democrats bear 100% of the blame for the next couple of years.

  7. But, but, but, you would feel all slimy if you vote the lessor of two evils! Ron Paul all the way!!!!!!11!!1!!!!

    It is interesting that those who voted third party in opposition to McCain are shocked by the outcome and current shenanigans from the Dems (who are now in total control). I wonder how they feel now, knowing they voted their conscience and handed control to the Dems? Did that really work out the way they planned?

  8. “I wonder how they feel now, knowing they voted their conscience and handed control to the Dems?”

    Sorry Jim, but that is patently false. Look at the election returns. Even if every single third party vote went to McCain (Nader, Barr, Baldwin, and McKinney combined for a little over 1.6 million votes) he still would’ve lost by approximately 9 million votes.
    If you look at the state by state election results the only two States that McCain could’ve won (if ALL the third party votes went to him) were North Carolina and Indiana. Which still would have left him short in the Electoral College.
    McCain is a hack (I know, I have to deal with him as my Senator) and the GOP is reaping the returns of running someone that was a jack of all demographics, appealed to none.

  9. Myles is right. The election wasn’t close enough for third parties to matter. He’s also right about McCain being a lackluster candidate, which is a big reason why he lost.

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