DC DMV Has Issues With “TRIGGER” Plate

Apparently there’s nothing about guns or the shooting sports that the DC City Government won’t hate on with a burning white passion.  Here you will find a letter rejecting the tag “TRIGGER” because they deem it offensive, followed by a letter from one of NRA’s attorneys warning them that it’s a First Amendment violation.  Looks like DC decided it wasn’t worth fighting a court case over, and issued the tags.

10 thoughts on “DC DMV Has Issues With “TRIGGER” Plate”

  1. I would simply point out I was a horse lover and dare them to challenge it. They couldn’t dispute it.

  2. I am pleased to note that I am not alone in being old enough to recall Roy Rogers and his amazing horse.

  3. You know what DC motto is on their license plates is?

    “Taxation Without Representation”

    Yeah, I had to do a double-take when I spotted a DC plate on the Penn Pike over the weekend.

    How sad.

  4. Try “MAGAZINE” or “CLIP” or “BARREL” or “STOCK” or “BOLT” or “GRIP” or “SIGHT” or “TRIDGE” (on a car, TRIDGE), or “PRIMER” or “SEMI” (semi on an auto), or “FULL” (full auto) or “BEDDED” or “HOPPES9” or “BORESNK” or “4X20” or “3-9X”…..

    Well, you get the idea. I would bet the good folk at the DMV would not recognize half of them as having anything to do with firearms, and the other half would of course have a non-firearm source, so their censorship attempt is silly and deserves to be slapped down.

  5. Now that I have read the NRA response, they included my first thought above in their response, and also pointed out that the reasons given in the rejection letter do not match DC municipal regulations. Plus more on the 1st Amendment issues raised. That is why they are highly paid lawyers.

  6. Skipp Galythly of NRA rules! A credit to his profession. Little kids wish they could grow up to be like him.

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