The Punching Bag Comes Back Out

Governor Corzine seems to be bringing the old punching bag back out.  Governor Corzine’s punching bag being, of course, law abiding gun owners.  Get this quote here:

Corzine called for the mandatory microstamping of new semi-autmoatic handguns, an emerging technology in which lasers inscribe numbers on firing pins. That means spent casings show a serial number that law enforcement can trace.

This bill has been languishing in committee since March.  I would expect Corzine’s puppets in the legislature to start it moving now.

5 thoughts on “The Punching Bag Comes Back Out”

  1. New Jersey already has a five-year-old law that requires all new handguns sold in the state to have “smart gun” technology as soon as it becomes available. How well has that law worked out so far? Not that well, as far as I can see.

    Will a microstamping law in the Garden State work out the same way?

  2. Microstamping has to be one of the most absolutely retarded things about which I’ve ever heard.

    Do these people have any correspondence what ever with reality? It’s like they deliberately make bad decisions.

  3. It’s about politics more than anything. It doesn’t have much of anything to do with what Corzine is claiming. Corzine is trying to paint Christie into a corner. By pushing gun control, Corzine makes Christie takes positions on the issue. If he takes an anti-gun position, he destroys support from gun owners. If he takes a pro-gun position, he helps Corzine paint Christie as a right-wing nutjob — too conservative for New Jersey. Christie has to play a middle game, not giving away so much that gun owners will stay home or abandon him, while at the same time not helping Corzine brand him as an arch conservative. which is political suicide in New Jersey.

  4. I would simply buy a new firing pin and/or barrel if necessary. Were these idiots even smart enough to install a provision making it illegal to install non-marked replacement parts?

  5. John H., they have a very real grasp of reality. It’s not about making such guns available to the public; it’s about making NO guns available to the public. THAT is their goal. This is just a sneaky, underhanded way of getting there.

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