It’s the Economy Stupid

The latest surge in gun sales is because the economy is in the crapper.  It has nothing to do with voters electing a guy who advocates banning guns.  No, nothing at all.  But hey, I’ll give them credit — at the very end of the article they do mention:

Sales of guns and ammunition are up 8 to 10 percent this year, according to state and federal records, fueled in part by fears that the incoming Democratic administration might tighten restrictions on gun sales. But some new gun owners — crowding instruction classes and local ranges — are also worried about rising crime, according to Nan Sanders, a retiree and shooting instructor from Vienna.

I don’t doubt the economy is driving some of it, but November gun figures were much higher than October, figures, and October is where the economy was at its most volatile.  Meanwhile, the media is still abuzz about the gun sale issue.  A few of those also cite other factors, which I think is accurate, but are pretty up front with Obama being a prime driver of sales.