Great Opinion Piece on Private Transfers

If we could get op-eds like this printed in local newspapers throughout the country, using the arguments outlined here, we’d be in far better shape for fighting on this issue than we are right now:

However, if some people had their way, my father would be a felon the next time he passed on a firearm to a family member. These people complain about a so-called “gun show loophole,” which, if you were to accept the rhetoric of firearm prohibitionists, is responsible for an endless stream of death and carnage.

In truth, attempts to close the “loophole” are really attacks on cherished freedoms that have been quietly enjoyed by millions of Americans since the founding of our nation. With the exception of those unfortunate residents of a few nanny-states, citizens of the U.S. always have been able to gift, buy, sell and trade firearms without the interference of government.

Read the whole thing.  It’s very well done.  There’s even a nice bit at the end declaring the laws will be defied, and its only purpose will be making criminals out of people like his father, which is, of course, the idea.

2 thoughts on “Great Opinion Piece on Private Transfers”

  1. I was trying to read the whole thing just now, but then all of a sudden the page changed on me into a log-in prompt, asking me to register. I hate that type of thing that wants you to register just to read one article.

  2. What a wonderful op-ed! I wonder what effect a campaign of similarly worded op-ed’s across the country would have …

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