More Dead Coyotes in Urban Areas

This time in Pittsburgh, and definitely not Ed Rendell as the triggerman. But what makes this interesting is the City’s insistence on local hunting laws. Hunting laws are preempted by state law, so if it’s legal for you to hunt Coyotes, and you follow the state hunting laws, you’re clear to shoot. I suspect as long as this guy has a valid hunting license, and all the game regulations were followed, he’s not going to suffer any├é┬árepercussions because he violated a local ordinance banning hunting.

3 thoughts on “More Dead Coyotes in Urban Areas”

  1. I find it odd and maybe even a bit unsettling that the information and education supervisor for Pennsylvania Game Commission’s southwest district, said “It’s more dangerous with him shooting the gun than any threat the coyote was posing.” Maybe working for the Pennsylvania Game Commission has left him with a jaded view of hunters.

  2. I live in a small town 20 miles south of Birmingham AL. Two months ago, I was walking my two greyhounds in my front yard. Directly across the street, standing beside Beaver Dam Creek, was a 40 pound, male coyote with his mouth open. Unfortunately my guns were all in the house.

    He did not immediately run away facing a human and a pair of dogs weighing 90 and 65 pounds. After a few seconds, he turned and walked into the woods. Obviously, he was conditioned not to fear humans. I plan to change that with my Browning SA22.

    Last month, my wife and I sighted a pair of coyotes across the creek. That’s bad news; soon, we’ll have a litter of pups.

    I complained to animal control and they weren’t much help, so I called the police and told them that I intended to shoot these animals on sight in spite of being in a no shooting area. They understood.

  3. I live inside city limits in a suburb of Austin. Discharge of a firearm except in self defense is illegal in the city. Heck, discharge of a spring-loaded BB gun is illegal without a permit from the Sheriff and the presence of law enforcement at the permitted event. So unless I can claim self defense against the numerous local coyotes, who have rid us of 2 cats already, I cannot legally shoot. On the other hand, I didn’t really like those two cats, so I don’t have an actual complaint about the coyotes.

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