A Quick Survey on Blue Laws

Specifically, the poll tackles Sunday hunting. Richard, this is your chance to voice your opinion.

NRA just posted a survey of their followers on Facebook asking about the repeal of Sunday hunting bans in Pennsylvania and Virginia. In 4 minutes, the results are pretty overwhelming. So, if you are an NRA member and have an opinion, go share it with them.

So now you can’t say that NRA isn’t listening to you, Sunday ban advocates. It’s your chance to cast your vote alongside your fellow NRA members.

5 thoughts on “A Quick Survey on Blue Laws”

  1. You don’t tell me that I can’t hunt on Sunday, and I won’t tell you that you can’t pray during the rest of the week!

    What’s “Facebook”?

  2. Chas, at least one blogger calls Facebook ‘the Hello Kitty of blogging’.

    It seems an apt description of social networking in general.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about this, Bitter, but I don’t facebook.

    I understand that neither the Pa. Federation of Sportsmens’ Clubs or Unified Sportsmen of Pa. has a policy stance on this issue, due to the fact that member clubs are split. One criticism of Sunday Hunting I am hearing from others locally is a belief that PGC wants to use it to further reduce the state’s Deer herd. A large number of hunters no longer trust the Commission since the Alt regime’s policy changes. This is not my opinion, just reporting another reason for opposition. Since most Deer Kills are on Saturday, PGC would probably need to readjust the season.

    My alternative would be to eliminate shooting hours. We could really boost the economy by selling night vision units.

  4. Assuming you’re an NRA member who gets their emails, I’m sure you’ve seen that they asked the same question in this week’s poll. There’s another chance to vote. If you missed the poll, you can go cast your vote here.

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