Right to Hunt

Arizona has a right to hunt ballot initiative in this year’s election. This is really insurance for the future of hunting, and is the main way we’re blocking HSUS from being able to move forward with their agenda. If you live in Arizona, please vote for this ballot initiative.

“Arizona will be seen as weak with regard to hunting and fishing, and I would think it would open the flood gates for the animal rights organizations to start coming in and looking for weak points,” said George Reiners, a Yuma area sport hunter and Prop. 109 proponent.

“One they will definitely try first will be an attempt to ban mountain lion hunting. They’ve already gotten away with that in California. Bear hunting would probably be next and then on down the line. If they ever saw a weakness in dove hunting, they would go after that. They look for the low-hanging fruit and attack there. If they could ban sport hunting, they would do it in a minute.”

HSUS is fighting the initiative by trying to convince hunters that the initiative will politicize hunting in Arizona, which is almost laughable. This guy has done more to politicize hunting than anyone else I can think of.

2 thoughts on “Right to Hunt”

  1. Sorry, we don’t allow HSUS to send in stooges posing as hunters to comment only to drive traffic to a website to advance their anti-hunting agenda.

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