Careful Para

Joe Huffman points out that the ParaUSA Calender’s December March model is non-functional.  I have to admit I didn’t notice what was wrong until someone pointed it out, and then I felt stupid :)

5 Responses to “Careful Para”

  1. Joe Huffman says:

    Perhaps you should clean your glasses…

    I said March, not December.

    That’s two oversights.


  2. Sebastian says:

    Trying to do too many things at once :)

  3. Rwilson452 says:

    Hadn’t seen it before but just took a peek. Ah but I knew to look for something. Hmm whats wrong with this picture. tick tick. got it!

  4. FatWhiteMan says:

    Found it only because I was looking for something wrong otherwise I probably would not have noticed.

  5. Cliff47 says:

    In that configuration, it’s always safe…