Forget One Gun a Month

In the past week, I’ve bought four guns.  Three of them I bought today.  There was the Kel-Tec at the show last week.  I just got my ParaUSA LDA .45 and the ParaUSA LTC 9 for Bitter, and also picked up the Marlin .17HMR rifle I won two weeks ago at the Friends of the NRA dinner.  Four guns in a week.  Three guns in a day.  CeaseFire Pennsylvania can kiss my ass.

If I get a visit from the ATF or State Police, my reaction will be “Gun trafficing?  Hell no.  Have you been watching the poll numbers?!?!?”  In these trying economic times, the mildly pessimistic will hoard their money.  The real pessimists will hoard ammunition :)

11 thoughts on “Forget One Gun a Month”

  1. Three last month and looking to do at least one this month

    I am investing in heavy metals to weather the upcoming collapse ;) Well heavy metals and lumber No plastic futures for me.

  2. I better stock up on 10mm ammo. Cabela’s – 1200 rounds for $600 (or thereabouts).

  3. Stocking up on guns and ammo might be a good idea, but don’t forget the necessities…….After checking the latest poll numbers, I think my buddy and I are going to go halvseys on a 50 gallon drum of cosmoline. :)

  4. One a month, hell with what the Dems have done to the economy I am lucky to get one a year. THey have broken my bank with high food prices,high gas prices, and the job ani’t paying crap to keep up.

  5. Yeah, I thought it was a recommendation, not a legal minimum.

    My answer to any law enforcement is… eh… NOTHING. A knock on my door does not compel me to answer. The magical words are, “POLICE. WARRANT.”

    Other than that, they better bring lawn chairs and a thermos, because they’ll be waiting a while.

  6. SAMCO down in FL has 1260rd cases(boxes of 15) of 7.62 X 39 for $250/case in lots of 5 or more($263 each otherwise). They also have it on 10 rds on a stripper @ $245/case of 1120rds for 5 or more cases. Can’t decide whether I want the strippers or not. Difference between the two is $0.02/rd more for the loaded strippers.
    Beats trying to figure out what to do with the IRA.

  7. I don’t get it. If I restricted myself to one a month, that’s still 36 firearms over three years time, more then enough for the same idiots to claim I have an arsenal. Something tells me one a month for a year would be enough to get one villainized.

    Of coarse, buying ONE only ONCE would most likely get you on a list if the folks who only want “common sense” gun control had their way.

  8. emdfl:
    Go for the strippers. Have you priced those suckers seperately? (I’ve seen them going for 50 cents each… 2 would be a helluva bargain) Besides, they are reusable, can also be used with the detachable mags (makes loading faster in a crunch), and you could trade them in hard times to anyone with a SKS. I’ve got hundreds, but I’m always on the lookout for more :-)

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