The Surge in Teenaged Shotgunners

It’s not really the biggest deal to say that Minnesota’s fastest growing high school sport is trap shooting. If not many people started shooting it in the first place, it doesn’t take much to make it grow quickly.

However, when they put out there that only 30 students across the state participated in clay shooting as an official high school sport in 2008, and now that number is 6,100, you have to admit that’s one heck of a growth spurt in just 6 years.

With all of those teens using guns, it has also managed to remain Minnesota’s safest high school sport. That’s not something the gun control crowds want to hear about – responsible teens using firearms in a responsible way.

7 thoughts on “The Surge in Teenaged Shotgunners”

  1. It would be interesting to see the safety statistics. It’s easy to beleive Safer than Football, Basketball, Baseball etc because of the extra care one would take with a firearm.

    1. I don’t have the official study on-hand, but IIRC, shooting sports are even safer than cheerleading, when it comes to average injuries-per-participant rates.

  2. Especially when you consider whom these teens will vote for as adults.

    1. Let’s hope that they also become lifelong NRA members and REALLY p*ss off the leftist gun-control crowd.

  3. Surprisingly, cheerleading is just about the most dangerous high school “sports”. The flips and tosses frequently aren’t completed successfully, leading to many serious injuries.

  4. In a few years of this, I’m betting we’ll see some more Olympic shooters coming from Minnesota. Exposing more people to a sport increases the chances of discovering latent talent.

  5. The club I shoot at in MN is mostly staffed (pullers) with kids from the local high schools. Almost every school in the area now has a trap team. It’s great to see the kids out there shooting each week.

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