Is Facebook Suppressing Gun Content?

Bob Owens has an interesting story over at Bearing Arms about whether Facebook is deliberately suppressing gun related content.

Several people in the industry I’ve spoken with in the industry have claimed that they’ve seen Facebook pages which were growing steadily see a dramatic decline in terms of reach and shares over the past year.

At the same time, they claim page “likes” have plateaued, and that their pages are seeing no growth. Several specifically claimed that their content seems to be buried well down in the feeds of their readers, which is also something our readers have complained about with a fair degree of regularity.

I notice my Facebook traffic has been pretty regular, but I make almost no effort to cultivate my social media presence, nor do I pay Facebook to “boost” posts. I’ve always felt that the reason Facebook throttles my reach is because they want me to pay up.

That said, there is almost certainly a concerted effort to shut down our “horizontal interpretive community” and prevent us from organizing. These efforts are, of course, funded by one obnoxious billionaire. Well, I hate to tell him, but you can’t stop the signal. Our folks are always going to find a way to communicate and organize. Who knows, the community-based gun blog might even become a thing again.

4 thoughts on “Is Facebook Suppressing Gun Content?”

  1. I don’t think it’s a concerted or conscious effort by Facebook, per se, but simply a result of the fact that people in tech/journalism are more left leaning and the product reflects that inherent bias.

  2. I make my way down Cornered Cat’s blog list almost daily. Personally, I think all your blogs are pure gold, and I can’t imagine what it was like when the internet was still a babe and all these like-minded voices piped up for the first time and found one another. I’m so glad you all keep up the content, it really does help.

  3. Ask people to select “See First” in their news feed for your page.
    After “Liking” a page there is a drop down to select first in your news feed, default (Whatever that is) is automatically selected.

  4. I would wonder if the lack of growth is more a result of people tuning out of Facebook, ignoring lost of it and just concentrating on their old high school buddies, than anything else.

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