Confused on Clinton’s Gun Position

For once I share Bryan Miller’s sentiment on something.  I also think Clinton’s assault on Obama’s stance on guns is laughable on its face.

So, we must turn our attention to the Democrats. Democrats like Clinton should know by now that pandering to the pro-gun community will not work. How many Dems have to be ostentatiously photographed in duck blinds or loudly claim fealty to the Second Amendment – and then lose – for the rest to realize that such pro-gun nonsense fools no one on either side? To pro-gunners, these are amusing missteps by candidates who would never get their votes anyway, and it makes the rest of us yearn for a candidate who is genuine and principled.

I agree, it’s not going to help her win that vote.  Pretty much everyone knows what Hillary’s position was on the issue, and no amount of kowtowing to the pro-gun vote is really going to help her much.

That said, it has to be frustrating for gun control activists to see candidates on both parties running away from their issue like a panicking crowd in a bad Godzilla movie.

9 Responses to “Confused on Clinton’s Gun Position”

  1. thirdpower says:

    It must be the declining numbers of firearm owners that is encouraging them to change their stances.

  2. kaveman says:

    As a good will gesture from the out-going administration to WHOEVER wins the next presidency, wouldn’t it be nice if McCaObillary receieved an invitation to go hunting with Dick Cheny after the inaugeration?

  3. R.J. says:

    Think I’ll vote for Cthulhu. Given the alternatives, how bad can he be?

  4. . . . a bad Godzilla movie.

    Is there another kind of Godzilla movie?

  5. countertop says:

    There’s a couple of reasons for it (and I like to think I played just a wee bit off a role in Clinton’s new pro gun blossoming)

    1) One of the big issues she faces in teh primary is that Obama is killing her in the red states. She needs to hit him hard on an issue that resonates in the red states to at least mitigate some of the damage he is inflicting on her campaign there. In that regard – this has nothing to do with winning over republicans, and everything to do with winning over pro gun Democrats (they do exist).

    2) In the event she wins the nomination, she needs to temper her standing on gun control and do everything possible SO THAT SHE DOESN’T NEED TO VISIT A DUCK BLIND.

    While its unlikely she can outgun Huckabee, in light of the crazy statements I’ve heard from the gun nut crowd and those who’ve drank the Republican cool aid, McCain is the worst kind of gun banning bigot and folks like Anne Coulter (and I suspect most of the conservative blogsphere) would rather vote for Hillary than a traitor like McCain (never mind he’s the real deal war hero). Perhaps she thinks she could win over some of those voters.

    Of course, if Romney gets the nomination, then she could easily position herself to pick up pro gun votes from him.

    Finally, in the general election – this isn’t about picking off gunnie votes, but rather taking an issue of the table that lots of people might default on if they are otherwise undecided.

  6. Sebastian says:

    I’ll buy Hillary’s turn around if she cosponsors Coburn’s amendment to repeal the National Park gun ban.

  7. countertop says:

    don’t believe for a second she’s sincire, she’s just playing politics.

    Tell you what though, if Coburn introduced his amendment a month ago I wouldn’t be surprised if it turned into something both of these gun banning bigots supported.

    As it is, the timing is a little late for today’s vote – we’ll have to see how this plays out over the rest of the primary season. Will be real interesting to see if it (Coburn’s amendment) makes it through

  8. straightarrow says:

    IIRC, history tells us one B. Arnold was a real deal war hero, also. At one time, then he did something…….oh, yeah,hmmmm

  9. Sebastian says:

    As it is, the timing is a little late for today’s vote – we’ll have to see how this plays out over the rest of the primary season. Will be real interesting to see if it (Coburn’s amendment) makes it through

    I wonder if that was intentional.


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