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From Blackfork on reloading your own ammo:

You have to handload to shoot serious rifle match scores.  You just can’t get good enough ammo cheap enough without doing it yourself.

I am not nearly the shooter that Blackfork is, but I can tell you this is true.  There is definitely a difference between what you carefully hand load for yourself, and what you can buy for any reasonable price commercially.  Even using my primitive equipment, and skills, I do better with my own hand loads than I do with commerical ammo.  In these Obama days, handloading is a skill we should all master.

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  1. Now, I realize they’re just bills that have been submitted and generally have 0 sponsors, but if some of these ammo serialization bills start getting any traction, how do you think that will affect reloaders?

    I believe you’d see some enterprising young people simply go out and appropriate a Dillon or Hornady LnL and some casting gear and make a killing off of underground ammo. Again, this is one of those things where the uneducated assume that bullet manufacturing is some sort of complex alchemy that takes teams of rocket scientists to build and therefore assume that it would be easy to control.

    This would be one of my lines I’d not cross. I’d continue to load my own regardless if the law said it was illegal or not. Registration of ammo is registration period.

  2. Buy a K-31 and GP11 is match-grade ammo for $0.50 per round, which is the same price as 7.5x55mm brass. The Prvi (also packaged as Wolf Gold) stuff isn’t quite as accurate, but I can do .75″ at 100 yards with the GP11, which is as good as it needs to be for the matches I shoot (High Power reduced at 100 yards). I use the Prvi for most shooting because the ammo is still within my error range, and I get reloadable brass for $0.50 per round that way; the GP11 is Berdan primed, so I just toss that stuff.

    My buddy showed me the difference in a few hand loads on his AR-15 Service Rifle setup, and it was amazing. The difference between a few grains was the difference between a 1.5″ group and one ragged hole at 100 yards.

    I accept your premise, but wanted to be a shithead about the GP11…

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