6 thoughts on “McClintock Wins!”

  1. Shouldn’t that be “McClintock! Wins” ?

    I’ve been pretty punny the past several days…. sorry, I had to share.

    (for those not in the know McLintock! is a John Wayne movie. — which I always thought had a total of 3 c’s)

  2. This is great news. And U.S. Senator Saxby Chambliss won his Georgia Senate seat for another term as well.

    Now if we can only hear the news that Norm Coleman has beaten Al Franken in Minnesota…

  3. I thought it fair to ask since you asked me what I did for this election cycle…

    Did your or any of your readers contribute to his campaign?

  4. It’s a perfectly fair question, and I’ll answer it honestly. I did not donate money to Tom McClintock specifically. There were a number of important state level races I donated to, and the local federal races. Sadly, only one person I donated money to actually won. I had better success with the folks I donated time to.

    We were looking to get rid of my horribly anti-gun Congress Critter this campaign, and keep the only two remaining endorsed candidates in my district in office, and fortunately both of them sailed pretty easily to re-election.

    I certainly don’t demand that folks donate to every single pro-gun candidate out there, or volunteer ungodly amounts of time. If you’re donating (time or money) to any pro-gun campaign you’re ahead of 99% of your fellow gun owners.

  5. First time poster at snowflakesinhell…Yes, it IS a sweet victory for the strongest anti-Invasion (by Mexico) candidate for Congress in CA. He ran a poor campaign in the Recall run against Ahnold but he pulled this one out. He’s gonna be a new leader in the House. I’m hoping he gives Bilbray a run for his money for House Immgration Caucus Chair. McClintock is even stronger on the issue than Bilbray, Royce and other House conservative leaders.

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