I Do Not Think This Poll Means What You Think it Means

Paul Helmke is busy trying to deride the NRA’s influence in national elections:

79% of all voters say the views of the NRA were not important to their vote for President; 78% of “New Blue” state respondents agreed; 74% of gun owning voters agreed.

Well, you see, that means that 21% of voters say that the views of the NRA are important.  Can you name me one other interest group that can lay claim to influencing 27 million voters in an election?  Have the Brady Campaign conducted a poll to see what percentage of the electorate consider their views important?  If they started wrapping their heads around that inconvenient fact, they’d start to understand why Barack Obama felt the need to convince everyone how much he respected the Second Amendment.

5 thoughts on “I Do Not Think This Poll Means What You Think it Means”

  1. Figures never lie, but liars figure.

    It is amazing how much the hoplophobes are working to try and make this election look like a victory for them, despite Obama having abandoned them, almost every other Democratic candidate having abandoned them, and the topic almost never having come up during the campaigns.

    Of course, this ceaseless grasping at straws probably saves them from the brink of unimportance…

  2. Just because one issue may be more important to you than a second one, it does not mean you automatically DISagree with the second.

    Also, you left out the part where we’re the ARMED part of the population :-)

  3. I do vote every election weather it is local or national. I do use the NRA cheat sheet. Americans will always be judged on the stupidity of criminals and the use of guns witch the criminal probably has stolen in the first place. I would like to see a report of how many guns are properly reg. to the criminal. Why is it that the media hardly ever reports on the good guns do when used to protect ones family or property?

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