Christine O’Donnell Wins Delaware Primary

NRA can now put Mike Castle’s proverbial head on a pike outside HQ, and start carving Lindsey Graham’s name into the next sharp stick. It’s one thing to be a RINO, it’s quite another not to understand which groups you don’t want to piss off and mobilize. While I think that O’Donnell is, well, nutty as a fruitcake, I do hope she beats the formerly bearded marxist. Given the choice between crazy and nuts, I’ll take nuts.

I truly feel sorry for Delaware voters. The sad thing is, I would still feel the same way if it had gone the other way. I don’t shed any tears for Mike Castle. The electorate is pissed. He’s just the latest career politician that’s gotten what’s coming to him. I don’t think the anger is over yet, as I’m sure they are going to find out come November.

15 thoughts on “Christine O’Donnell Wins Delaware Primary”

  1. Yahoo!!!! Good job NRA!!! By being bold and honest to the second amendment, the NRA just got alot stronger.

    They defeated a gun banner. Even the Dems will be wary of crossing the NRA. The time is right to start pushing for the repeal of gun control.

  2. I get the feeling that Coons will not be wary of pushing gun control if he was willing to say that he didn’t support American freedom or wealth.

    1. See the previous post. It was in the article where he declared himself a bearded Marxist after coming back from a trip to Kenya that made him doubt his belief in American freedom and wealth, and definitely against free enterprise.

  3. Couldn’t agree less. Castle is a dimo in RINO trappings. Let the voters decide. O’Donnell has been villified by the MEDIA and REPUBLICAN BLUEBLOODS! Better to lose with her than win with a RINO and get stabbed in the back AGAIN. Snowe, Collins, Jeffords, Spectre,Swartznegger, ever heard of any of them? Cornyn is in MY state and we WILL find out where he stands before next election.

    1. On the nuts aspect: Why is she nuts? It’s not about her positions, it’s because she’s making insane accusations and seemingly lies about just about everything. She believes her political opponents hide in her bushes. She filed a $6 million lawsuit against her former employer making claims that they needed to compensate her for her lost time spent working on her graduate degree at Princeton when a) she was not working on a graduate degree at Princeton, and b) she didn’t even have her bachelor’s degree at the time (also something she lied about). She got caught lying that she won 2 out of 3 counties to Joe Biden in 2008 when she lost every single county, and when anyone even asks her about it, she claims they are being paid off by Castle to smear her.

      If you heard her infamous performance on a friendly-to-conservatives radio show, you’d know what a train wreck she’ll be for the general. She went off on a host who has previously endorsed her just because he asked her about her recent lies. She first tried to deny, until he pulled up audio. Then she stuck by them even when all of the facts are flat out wrong – the woman lost every single county in 2008. He was clearly trying to give her a way to back out politely, and she just could not accept it and said he was clearly working on behalf of Mike Castle.

      She claims having made less than $6,000 last year, yet supposedly paid off about $12,000 in debts, so there are questions about whether she lied on her Senate reporting forms, too. I’m sure the Dems will be looking into that more closely. She makes claims of political vandalism to her home and office, yet she can offer no proof and magically decides to never file police reports. She just seems to make things up as she goes along, and her campaign attacks anyone who raises questions about these mysterious claims.

      On the issues: She’s wildly inconsistently on taking the tea party flag and living a life the very opposite of that. First, there are concerns that she’s taking money that people believe they are donating for her 2010 race and using to pay off big debt from 2008. That wouldn’t be out of the norm for a politician, but if you’re running under the tea party banner, you can’t afford to be a normal politician when it comes to honesty about money and spending. Oh, and then there’s the much bigger issue that she’s using campaign funds to pay her rent. Any accusations that Mike Castle is a professional politician should just go right out the window with that tidbit. I don’t think people have been concerned that Castle was literally living off of his donations. Her past campaign staff has said they quit her previous campaigns when they discovered she was covering other personal expenses with donations, so this isn’t a new thing for her. It appears she likes to live off the backs of GOP voters who believe her rhetoric about responsible spending.

      On the lawsuit issue, she was actually fired because she was running a for-profit communications shop for herself out of the offices of her non-profit full-time job. So to get back at them, she sued them for more than $6 million dollars claiming it was all because she was a woman. That doesn’t exactly represent tea party values right there – doing another job on someone else’s dime & then suing them for unproven accusations for crazy large sums.

  4. Its really hard to be the challenger of an incumbent. You don’t have money, nobody with experience wants to help you, and the voters will vote the name they know. She may be a nut job but that could be a function of the stress of running an uphill campaign.

    The GOP needs to jump in and help her, right now. She can win but needs help.

    Unfortunately, it looks like the GOP bluebloods want her head on a pike to prove a point to us rubes. Don’t mess with the incumbents grravy train.

  5. “I think she managed to be a pretty crappy candidate without much help from her opponents.”

    Maybe true, but it is all the fault of the GOP establishment. If they didn’t want the likes of O’Donnell running, they should have found a worthy candidate. Instead, they were just happy with the status quo and seem to be completely taken by surprize that with regards to the level of “pissed off” the people of this nation are feeling.

    I was already ticked off with the NRSC over the lack of backbone with Kagan. The fact that they won’t fund O’Donnell out of spite just confirms my reasoning for sending all their postage paid envelopes back to them with a brick attached.

  6. “On the nuts aspect: Why is she nuts? It’s not about her positions, it’s because she’s making insane accusations and seemingly lies about just about everything.”

    In other words, what regular politicians do.

    “Oh, and then there’s the much bigger issue that she’s using campaign funds to pay her rent.”

    I thought it was legal and normal for politicians to be paid a salary from their campaign. This rent issue could be spin from her opponent.

  7. She doesn’t appear to lie like an experienced politician.

    Exhibit A: Bill Clinton, Barack Obama, each telling people what they think the people want to hear.

    Exhibit B: Christine O’Donnel, telling people what she thinks, even when her own Social Propriety Detector ought to be telling her softpedal, change the subject, etc.

    Thing is, why did the NRA back her? Was it just to hammer down Castle, or were they willing to put up with her ‘nuts’-ness in the general election?

  8. I figure it is a long shot that O’Donnell will win the election against a Democrat, so maybe her victory is a bad thing. On the other hand, it is possible that shooting a few RINO’s might sound a warning to the RINO’s remaining and Democrats, that conservatives will vote on principle rather than expediency when they a…re pressed hard enough. Will that message drive vote seekers to steer right? Pander to the right instead of the left? Seems to work for the enviromentalists and their strict coda.

  9. It seems to me that it is healthy for the Republican Party to throw out the RINOs and lose the election rather than keep them in the party and being seen as a party that lacks principle. Additionally it is always the Lyndsay Grahams that work with the Democrats to allow the worst policy in it is far better to have the party be seen as not willing to compromise on core issues. And I say this as someone who generally votes Libertarian (though I have tried voting Republican to get some good freedom leaning candidates in but when they lose the primaries I go Libertarian in the General).

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