Late Season NRA Ad

This one pretty much successfully sums up what’s at stake:

I’ve found a lot of folks who don’t seem to understand that the Second Amendment is not self-enforcing. You’d think this would be kind of obvious, but you’d be surprised how many people think just because the words are on a piece of paper that actually means something. When you start explaining it, I think inherently these people get that it’s not, just that they have such a difficult time wrapping their heads around the idea that federal judges would engage in such blatant skulduggery as to suggest the amendment doesn’t mean what it plainly says.

Our only hope for saving the handful of bad states for gun rights is the federal courts. If Hillary picks Scalia’s replacement, that path will be foreclosed for a generation. In that scenario, I’d be lucky, very lucky, to live to see that damage undone. Most of the folks who laid the foundation for Heller and McDonald will not live to see it. We’ll be lucky if we don’t see those cases reversed entirely.

4 thoughts on “Late Season NRA Ad”

  1. Don’t forget that Bork, the judge that conservatives were willing to go to the mattresses for, stated that he did not believe the Second Amendment was an individual right.

    Remember that many conservatives condemned the NRA for not supporting Bork, for that reason. They said the NRA was not being a “team player.”

    They clearly signaled that the NRA was supposed to understand that gun rights were just a decoy issue that would get Good Conservatives into positions of power, but that no one was supposed to take seriously.

    So I’m saying the assurance that “conservatives” will be appointed to the SCOTUS does not give me high confidence that our gun rights will be protected.

    Overturn Roe v. Wade? Sure! Prayer and the Ten Commandments in government venues? Count on it!

    Gun rights? Well, we can only hope, right?

  2. I like to point out that Mexico, along with the USA, is one of a handful of countries that codifies a right to keep and bear arms. Some good that’s done them.

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