Remaking Star Trek

Continuing the theme of Hollywood not having any new original ideas, it looks like they are remaking Star Trek.  I’ll probably get kicked out of the geek club for this one, but most of what’s come out of the Star Trek genre has been dreck.  Well, with one exception.  Star Trek II, The Wrath of Kahn.  Best… Star Trek Movie.. Ever!  Ricardo Montalbán was great in that film, and it was really the height of William Shatner’s overly dramatic acting.  It’s a classic.

But I will give J.J. Abrams, who’s Lost series I’m quite a fan of, a chance to show us how it’s done.  I’ve always thought Star Trek characters had potential with writing that wasn’t dry and preachy.  TNG certainly had its moments, but I think a lot of that was Patrick Stewart being a good actor.  Hopefully Abrams version won’t suck.

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  1. I think the fact that you didn’t know about the new Trek movie until now is what would get you kicked out of the geek club. I’m not even into Star Trek and I’ve known about this since at least April.

    You’re dead on about Star Trek 2 being the only movie worth watching so far.

  2. I have come to the conclusion that this is probably going to be a fairly decent science fiction movie. I have yet to be convinced that it is going to be good Trek.

    Already, I can tell they made the same error that horrific “Enterprise” television show did – the ship and technology look more advanced, more shiny, more high-speed-low-drag than TOS, which hardly works, considering the proposed timeline.

  3. Yes! Yes! YES! Trek is dreck.
    But, revenge is a dish best served cold…and it’s very cold in space.
    There can be no peace as long as Kirk lives!

  4. I am fairly afraid of “Star Trek 90210” playing out before my eyes… however it will have to be better than, oh, “Generations…”

  5. Star Trek: Generations deserves a bit of scorn because they reused the Bird-of-Prey-explosion from Star Trek VI.

    Stock footage sucks.

  6. Oh man I am so scared of this movie. I am a huge Star Trek nerd, and I have to say that on the one hand, I’m glad the franchise is being rescued from Rick Berman, at the same time there were parts of the trailer that made me wince.

    Trek really hasn’t been “good” since Deep Space 9 ended, although there were episodes of “Enterprise” that were enjoyable.

    Oh, and people who say that the only good Star Trek movie was II obviously missed “First Contact” (or 8 if you’re going by numbers).

    Star Trek 2 was my first exposure to Star Trek, and is one of my favorite movies of all time.

    I’ve always found that the shows are much better than any of the films. Star Trek 2 aside, “Amok Time”, “The City on the Edge of Forever”, “The Naked Time” and the Next Generation Sequel “The Naked Now” are all far better than any of the movies, and I’ve only touched on a few episodes. There are many more that are worth of being “better than a movie”.

    I’d rather they reboot the show a’la Battlestar Galactica and not get bogged down in any continuity issues than try to make a movie that may not fit into the entire Star Trek canon. The only thing that has peaked my interest is that J. J. Abrams is involved, so I fully expect the movie to be both smart and action-packed.

    Also, Simon Pegg as Scotty is a great casting call.

  8. Movies using the TOS cast, from best to worst: II, VI, tie for 3rd with IV and III, I (The Motion Picture), and V (The movie that should never have been made and most Trekkers prefer to forget).

    I am looking forward to the new film with the young Kirk, Spock, et. al. It’s hard to do “retro” tech right. The Star Wars prequels had the same problem; they went with a Victorian steampunky Aesthetic with mixed results. I have to confess, I initially HATED the series Enterprise, but I’ve grown to like it over time, giving it a 2nd chance.

    Voyager I eventually lost interest in and stopped watching. DS9 was probably the coolest TV series in the entire Trek canon. Of course, I watched TNG and its movies; The first few episodes of TNG sucked, but it got better with time. The movies were…okay I guess, but just lacked the same gravitas as those with the TOS cast. DS9 should’ve gotten its own shot at a movie franchise. Oh well.

  9. Thankfully, I’m *gasp* NOT a Trek fan, so I’m thinking I might go see this movie. The last few have seemed way too tied to a timeline that I’m simply no longer familiar with (I stopped watching somewhere in TNG). The trailer was in front of Quantum of Solace, though, and looked interesting.

  10. I think Simon Pegg as Scotty is going to be worth the price of the ticket, Sylar as Spock and Karl Urban as Bones only sweeten the deal.

    I like Star Trek, don’t love but like it, so I’m less liable to worry about time lines getting shuffled and whatnot, but the casting has actually piqued my interest.

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