Man With a Rifle

Some of you remember the guy who got caught yesterday with an SKS, looking for a ride to DC.   Well, Pro-Gun Progressive has the scoop on that story.  I would note that this is the reason criminals prefer guns that are concealeable.  I guess you can always count on the media to get it wrong when it comes to gun related stories.

4 thoughts on “Man With a Rifle”

  1. Unpossible! That’s sooper dooper, extra-special illegal!

    And an SKS? What the hell was he thinking just wrapping it in a blanket and hoping no one would notice. Apparently he’s too stupid to even consider a trenchcoat.

  2. I just checked out some media reports and Pro-Gun Progressive’s blog post for more information on this story.

    This train passenger with the SKS rifle in Baltimore seems to have quite a criminal history and is likely some sort of drug dealer too, but also is one who has apparently never heard of such a thing as a rifle carrying case.

    This is all for the best of course, since it all resulted in another bad guy getting arrested before anyone else got hurt. While the media reports seemed to be fixated primarily on the SKS rifle rather than the bad guy who had the bright idea of wrapping it in a blanket to conceal it for his rail commute to DC, what I’d rather know is why he was not still behind bars to even begin with. The Baltimore Sun said that he only had to serve three months of a three year prison sentence on a drug manufacturing charge before getting free on parole, despite his numerous prior offenses, including one which resulted in severe injuries to a woman motorist his stolen car collided with during a high-speed police pursuit.

    I guess that’s just Baltimore, MD for you – yet another big city run largely by liberal gun-banning Democrats, replete with a revolving-door style of criminal justice system, and legions of recidivist career criminals with records about as long on average as they stand tall.

  3. Hey, where canI get me one of those SKS’ that can “slice through steel and concrete”?

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