He’s Moved

Everyone go welcome Ahab of “What Would John Wayne Do” to his new digs. He’s switched his blogging software, his domain name, and the name of his blog to “Call me Ahab”.

I had suggested the name “From Hell’s Heart” with the tag line “I Stab at Thee”, but he was worried that too many people would think it was a Star Trek II reference. That’s certainly true of anyone of our generation. The Wrath of Kahn was without a doubt the best of the Star Trek movies, and is probably one of the top ten movies that defines my generation.

UPDATE: Doh!  I forgot I already scheduled this to go up!

One Response to “He’s Moved”

  1. Ahab says:

    Not that there’s anything wrong with a Star Trek reference, however I get enough crap for being a nerd as is.