Amanda Not the Only One Coming Unhinged

Hey folks, I think our opponents in the gun control movement are trying to recruit some real grass roots in the blogosphere.  This should be fun.  Notice that is making some banners that some lefty bloggers are picking up.

Here’s another example of the kind of frothing at the mouth we can expect to see:

The NRA, with the money at their disposal and their willingness to do anything to win, with an almost gleeful expression as they lessen the security of the American people, are bar none one of the most evil of these groups in the country. The sad thing is not just the Republicans, but good Democrats who bow down before them.

Lessen the security of the American people?  Give me a break.  How is demanding respect for the bill-of-rights, you know, all of it, not just the parts you like, evil?   If that be evil, I’ll gladly accept that.

I wrote a column three years ago on this subject, so let me quote liberally from that piece, and how today it is even more important as the NRA fights to ensure every terrorist, crimininal, child or mentally imbalanced person has access to an AK:

I really would prefer criminals, children, mentally imbalanced folks, and terrorists don’t have access to guns, but the problem is, if I have access to them, then so do the criminals.   And guess what?  If you ban my access to them, the criminals and the terrorists will still have guns.  It’s just me you’ll be disarming.

Go have a read.  For all those who are picking up on the gun control mantra in the blogosphere: Welcome to the Party.  We gun bloggers have been here for years talking amongst ourselves.  It’s great that we’ll have some one to actually argue with other than Paul Helmke.

Let the games begin.

One Response to “Amanda Not the Only One Coming Unhinged”

  1. Ahab says:

    Just something interesting; the majority of the comments as of 1640 EST are basically “I agree with most of your positions but you’re way off base here” – it’s the polar opposite of the echo chamber over at pandagon.