Personal Record at Indoor Pistol Silhouette

Somehow I managed to shoot 33/40 tonight on indoor pistol silhouette. Basically the only thing I changed was to swap out the Millet red dot scope on my Mk.III with a BSA red dot scope that I bought from SayUncle. I don’t know if it’s because it’s heavier, or just better quality optics, or I was just lucky tonight. We’ll see after next week.

I continue to struggle with my Kimber Govt. Model 82. I can shoot into the mid 30s with Bitter’s CZ 452 on a good night, but I have a hard time breaking the 30 point mark with the Kimber. It’s an 11lb rifle, and while it does tend to mute minor muscle movements, when I try to hold steady with it I’m swaying like a skyscraper in a hurricane. I think part of it is that the shooting position that’s comfortable with the CZ has an entirely different natural point of aim with a heavier rifle. It’s probably boils down to needing to practice with the Kimber more, and the CZ less. But I have to admit I love Bitter’s CZ 452. I think by this point I’ve probably shot 100x more rounds through it than she has.

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  1. I gather that’s good. :-)

    A pointer to how the scoring works would be nice. I’ve never shot competitively, so I have only a hazy idea what you’re saying.
    Me, I’m happy when I can get 50 of 50 in the 9 ring at 25 feet (offhand, using a Heritage Rough Rider 4-5/8″, iron sights, .22LR). They say the .22LR/.22WMR convertibles like the Rough Rider and Single Six are actually more accurate using .22WMR, but as a notorious cheapskate I shoot .22WMR only now and then. :-)

  2. 33 is good for me. Our best shooter can shoot 40s with iron sight pistol. Silhouette scoring is easy. If you knock down the animal, it’s a score, if you miss, it’s not. There are 40 animals in our matches. They are 3/8th scale chickens at 25 yards, and the remaining animals scaled down to simulate distance. You’re typically aiming for an area roughly the size of a 3×5 card at 25 yards. Our indoor matches are .22LR only. No big bore.

  3. It sounds like fun. There a time limit, and if so, what is it? My .22s consist of the Rough Rider and a Remington 510 — fast they ain’t. I’m fond of them, though.

  4. There’s a time limit in theory. In practice it’s not of consequence. Silhouette is a precision game, not a speed game.

  5. 2 minutes 30 seconds for a bank of 5 animals. When we do indoors we do a 5 minute string of 10 animals to save time. Each relay is 10 animals, with two banks each relay.

  6. It’s been several years since I shot silhouette, but I consistently scored 36-38 (25, 50, 75, 100 yards outdoors).

    Sebastian, if you can, borrow a High Standard auto-loader (.22LR) from one of your friends and see if your scores don’t go up. My Trophy and Citation models are virtually identical (6 inch barrels on both). Be careful – the triggers break at less than 2 pounds with zero creep.

    Mine were in the $250.00 range when I bought them new. Be forewarned that they’re a bit pricier now. (

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