15 thoughts on “A Bold Statement”

  1. Way, way deep down, in my most paranoid place, there’s a part of me that wonders if this kind of thing is a deliberately engineered piece of propaganda, designed to make pro-2A forces look like morons.

    However, I’m 99% sure that’s not the case.

  2. I’m wondering what this human relations crap is. I mean, pretty clearly you have to right to free speech, even if you’re saying you hope muslims burn in hell. Adams County could end up getting itself sued if it goes too far.

  3. I will be impressed if his house is still standing in a few days. This guy is just asking for trouble…

  4. I think a look at the skateboarder community might be instructive – in that they failed to “police their own” and now the policing gets done for them.

    Yes, I like free speech too. If, however, there was a time to be smart about what you care to display… this would be it. Not a question of right or wrong, so much as a question of tact and presentation in the face of overwhelming MSM bias.

    If they’d just left the muslim stuff alone, things would be much, much easier. I do wish people would burn a few brain cells thinking a little further down the road, and not just think six inches off their noses.

  5. Am I stupid for wearing this shirt around open-minded Doylestown? Some people did double takes, but none had the guts to say anything.

    No one has the “right” to be offended no matter how crazy the guy’s message is as long as he’s not threatening anyone.

  6. Look if you are white and a FireArm owner you are worng. Peace will only work when Two things happen. That is when the so called U.N. takes over and when all Whites are DEAD!!!!

    Bummer. But you might as well get over it. That is the truth.

    If you do not belive it, take a look at europes population.

  7. Sorry I forgot to say this.


  8. Let me put this in plain language.

    In order to destroy, infringe, or impair the rights of legal citizens, the radical left will employ a strategy of portraying gun owners as violent, extreme, racist, reactionary, mentally deficient, (insert bad characteristic here.)

    This will allow people to think of gun owners as a fringe minority, who have nothing in common with normal Americans. This is, unfortunately, largely a reality in a modern America that is controlled by a gun-unfriendly mainstream media. It is the mainstream media that shapes the majority of the voting public, you see.

    In order to help counter this, gun owners need to present firearms ownership as something that normal, pleasant people do, and something that is not strictly for a fringe group. This will go a long way toward taking away the propaganda angle.

    It would be wise to keep this goal in the forefront of your minds when you make decisions on how to present yourselves as firearms owners. The stakes are VERY high and we honestly cannot afford headstrong mistakes. It will hurt us all in the long run.

    If you want to make a spectacle of yourself in whatever way you want, that is your right. However I would ask that you please think of the larger goal (RKBA) before you do anything that can be spun into a way to harm RKBA.

    Discipline, people.

  9. I think the guy is an idiot, too. However, whether he is a cunning liberal, or a tactless conservative, he does have the same freedom of speech as the homosexuals blocking traffic in SF, right?

    One good thing that will come from it is that it will illustrate who respects the Constitution, and who does not.

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