5 thoughts on “How You Know Capitalism is Doomed”

  1. Actually, to me that kind’ve gives me hope for capitalism, because the key word you used is “formerly”. Any country that has gone socialist will eventually figure out that socialism is a bankrupt economic philosophy, pun intended. Socialism encourages parasitism and discourages productivity, and economic crises are exacerbated by the state’s mismanagement of funding and improper utilization of reserves.

  2. Yeah, we just haven’t given the liberals enough rope yet in this country. I thought the Carter years would have done it, but unfortunately we’re headed for Carter II, which like most sequels will suck more than the first.

  3. I’m with mderosier and Alan, Sebastian. There is an upside. The downside is that apparently, one has to get through the seminar with the Gods of the Copybook Headings first. :-P

  4. You know capitalism is dead when it takes George W. Bush to have to defend it.

  5. Former is correct, Socialist countries suffered the consequences and since their economy was so low, a low tax rate is great and their people are not used to the government providing everything, since it really did not under communism.

    European socialist have more problems, dumping high taxes. Their system was more efficient in delivering good and services since it had a rich base. Getting people to give up on thoses services is difficult. It will have to get worse before it can reform.

    Surprisedly we did welfare reform earlier and it was a greater sucess than anticipated. Now if we can decouple health insurance from employment and expand that market, In other words greater privatization.

    Corporate benefits took over the government benefits that europeans have. People need to take greater contol of their own welfare.

    That is what the former communists states have done.

    Remember that before income tax there was great wealth generation in this country but rabid capitalists did not give back the wealth to their workers.

    Reduce the tax and those capable will generate new products and markets. More small businees will bloom and give people greater autonomy.

    Those in skilled trades will have a lock on market since those skills are not subject to globalization. So plumbers, electricians, heating and ac, and mechanics will continue to get contracts and business.

    A severe recession will shake out a lot of college for those who are not mentallly and attitudinal suitable.

    There will be an increase in government employment as that is a safe job harbor in the future. As long as government has the ability to tax they will do so to provide a purpose for themselves.

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