New Jersey Gun Ban Up For Vote


On Monday, November 17, the New Jersey Assembly is scheduled to vote on A2116 — legislation banning most firearms over .50 caliber.  Though previously amended in an attempt to address gun owner concerns, the legislation still bans many popular hunting guns, historical firearms, and large bore target firearms, based on alleged public safety concerns.  Ironically, the legislation bans many of the guns that won the very freedoms the bill seeks to destroy, including some Revolutionary War and Civil War guns and their replicas.

A2116 makes the fundamental mistake of banning guns based on the size of the hole in the barrel rather than punishing criminal behavior.  It treats law abiding citizens who choose to exercise their Second Amendment rights like potential criminals.

Please immediately email, call, and/or fax your Assembly Members and urge them to oppose A2116!  Their contact information is available here.

While the rest of us are worried that gun control is back, it never really left in New Jersey.  The relentless hammer pounds on in The Garden State.

12 Responses to “New Jersey Gun Ban Up For Vote”

  1. Mopar says:

    Thanks for that one. Fowarded it to my dad back in NJ who shoots .58 blackpowder.

    You know, I read. A2116 15-20 times and I’m *still* not sure what is and isn’t banned.

  2. RockinR says:

    And since the 1930’s this is how it has been and is being done now….

    One or two states at a time….a little here, a little there, enough to keep us uncoordinated and divided amoung ourselves and always not enough to get a lot of people angry at once ….

    So today…anything .50 cal and over, including black powder muskets!
    tomorrow …. anything “assult rifle” looking or “military arms” which will start with ARs and Aks and go backward to muskets, keep in mind the Brown Bess was the finest in military firearms (in 1776!) and had a bayonet.
    Next is handguns ……

    Actually the order is not important….just as long as the frog is cooked slowly….

    So where is the line….California is already lost …..where is the line New Jersey?….


    I don’t live in CA or NJ, and I don’t profess to have an answer……and I dont want to just express trite bravado….but I know sooner or later we will have to decide that same question.

    All of us, those of us who live in the rest of the 50 states need to stand with our brethren in NJ…..we must as a community draw a line soon…..

    “Ask not for whom the bell tolls, for it tolls for thee”

  3. Sebastian says:

    Assault weapons are already banned in New Jersey. Handguns are heavily restricted and require a permit from the police, which can take up to a year for them to issue, if they issue it at all. After New Jersey declares “smart guns” are available, all other guns in New Jersey will be banned from importation or sale.

    If there was a line to draw in New Jersey, it’s been crossed long ago.

  4. Mopar says:

    Part of the reason I finally moved out of NJ.

  5. RockinR says:


    Thanks for the added information, I will not profess to even try to be a legal scholar on the multitude of local, state, and federal laws. I do try to keep up with the ones in my home state and the federal level …and that keeps me busy as is. And our combined comments go to my point…..

    I feel we are being cooked slowly …. and at this moment feel our elected officials don’t give a hoot how many emails or letters they get…

  6. Claude says:

    When I applied for a permit to buy a pistol a couple of years ago state law said the police chief could take up to 45 days to decide whether to issue the permit. In my case it only took 2 weeks, and then I had 60 days to buy the gun.

    When it comes to the assembly, you can call or write to them and they’ll politely acknowledge your request but they always vote against your freedom.

  7. Sebastian says:

    That might be true, but you still have to do it.

  8. Any word on what happened today?

  9. Claude says:

    Postponed until Dec. 15th. More here.

  10. Claude says:

    This is funny:

    Here’s what you should know about .50-caliber rifles:

    They are military firearms designed to fire armor-piercing incendiary or explosive rounds and destroy material targets on the battlefield, with a range and striking power far beyond those of any hunting weapon — and beyond those of the assault rifles that U.S. infantrymen use in Iraq and Afghanistan. Terrorists armed with these guns and posted more than a mile away could find choice targets in what Ceasefire NJ, an organization that works for sensible gun laws, calls “New Jersey’s soft civilian infrastructure”: airports and planes, rail cars carrying hazardous materials, and refineries and chemical plants where highly flammable, explosive and toxic items are stored. As Gusciora says, “There is no justifiable reason they should be available in the open market.”

    I guess NJ legislators are getting tough on terror. We’ll be safe now that the bad guys can’t shoot incendiary rounds at planes. What a bunch of morons.

  11. I see Mr. Amick’s balanced commentary could just as easily have been written by Bryan Miller.


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