Consider it a Warning

I know that Bryan Miller would prefer just to stick his hands over his ears and shout “I can’t hear you.” but the proliferation of articles in news outlets around the country should serve as a warning to the incoming administration.  They’ve been flowing into my inbox all week:

I could sit here all day and do this, and get articles from every corner of the country.  Google alerts have been absolutely wild with stories like this.  How many millions of purchasers does it take to drive a sales boom of this magnitude?  How many millions more people would like to buy now, but can’t afford it?  Is an organized and motivated group of people like this one that is politically wise to cross?  These are things the Obama transition team needs to be thinking about.  The unfortunate thing is, I doubt they are.

5 thoughts on “Consider it a Warning”

  1. I call my purchases made int he past year my Obama-insurance. I have purchased a pistol, and AK variant and an AR plus high capacity magazines for each gun that I already own. I wish that I could muster the cash to get at least a thousand rounds for each gun as well but I can’t imagine that happening. Bottom line is that I am sacred of what a new Democrat administration with a dem controlled congress will do.

  2. Count me in as one that would be buying if I had the money. I’m job hunting, and if I can find a job before the New Year I’ll be purchasing an AR most likely.

  3. Obama’s first stimulus package seems to be working.

    People buying guns = $$$ spreading around.

    Now those shopkeeps don’t have to fear a poor holiday season. This might be better than Bush’s tax refund of 2002, or was it 2003?

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