8 thoughts on “Fred for GOP Chairman”

  1. I hope he doesn’t. Fred is conservative but indolent. That is the last thing we need. Newt is better. I remember reading about him and Bill Kristol creating the system that was the 1994 takeover of GOP of thehouse. About 40 seats were won.
    Newt knows how to recruit, package and sell the GOP on US voters.

    Fred does not.

  2. I think if they made Fred a figurehead, it would be beneficial, as long as someone who’s in there who can also do the important work. I am not opposed to party chairs who are good figureheads. I agree that Fred is indolent, but I think people in the GOP need some hope the party will go in the right direction. I’d be willing to entertain other possibilities too.

  3. Fred Thomposn doesn’t have Newt Gingrich’s character baggage, nor his little problem with Glueball Wormenating Kool-Aid. Newt does have more energy.

    If the job is, to any extent, to serve as the conscience of the party, Fred would be an excellent choice (full disclosure: I gave the Thompson campaign a couple o’ bob).

  4. If Fred get the position then they will also have to hire someone to wake him up while doing that position.

    Fred was great before his campaign, and he was great after his campaign, but during his campaign and the debates he might as well have been sleeping. He looked dead up there. If that is any indication of how he does when he needs to inspire, lead, or defend a platform and party than I do not want him as the party chairman. I do not think people take him seriously, including a conservative like myself.

  5. The head of the RNC is not a figurehead position . It is a work position. Getting good candidates and training them and getting them elected.

    A good nationwide message is needed. The last one was Contract for America and that was mostly inacted. Newt is acretuve person and can do that again. Fred does not create new messages and push them relentlessy.

  6. I’m going to have to agree with the dissenters here and say that while Thompson is a good conservative, he’s not the right one to lead the party right now. Somebody that can raise money, implement new strategies and understands how we can use technology to bring in new voters and younger voters is key. Newt Gingrich can do all of that. He’s 65, but he’s obviously in touch with the younger generations. Fred is old school and if this were 1992 I’d say he was the right guy for the job. But not now.

    Obama won because he was better organized, better mobilized and his people knew how to market their nonsense and how to deftly counter the criticisms.

    Think about it: More people favor lower taxes than higher ones. 2/3 of Americans support domestic drilling. More people believe in the spirit of entrepreneurship and less business regulation than more. The overwhelming majority of Americans reject tax policy that is centered around redistribution schemes. More people favor less gun control than more.

    We win on issue after issue after issue. Yet the GOP got their asses handed to them this fall. Why? Because they don’t have a cohesive message. They haven’t been able to effectively harness the power of the Internet to reach people and they haven’t had the direction at the top to guide them forward. Change is definitely needed.

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