Last Minute Housekeeping?

Looks like Bush might be fixing the National Park issue for us on the way out the door.  Pity it’ll probably get undone by Obama, but hey, elections have consequences.

4 Responses to “Last Minute Housekeeping?”

  1. Leadchucker says:

    Thanks, I was just wondering about that….

  2. countertop says:

    As long as he gets it done in the next couple of weeks AND published in the federal register . . . then Obama needs to engage in the full rulemaking process to repeal it. Not impossible, but not automatic.

  3. Carl in Chicago says:

    “The majority (of the comments) support leaving the current rules in place,” said Sean Smith, Northwest regional director for the National Parks Conservation Association, which opposes the changes.

    Well sure, Smith would say that. I wonder where he is getting his information … internal reviews of the comments?

    Back during the comment period, I sort of haphazardly sampled quite a number of the comments, and at that time was hard-pressed to find comments against changing the rule.

    The extended period for comments might have helped get more “anti” comments posted, but surely not that many. I am skeptical of this statement by Sean Smith.

  4. ATL says:

    Remember: If Obama wants anything concerning gun restrictions it is our job to make him pay dearly for it politically. I am a not a fan of scorched earth politics, but our opposition needs to understand that we will pursue this like we have nothing to lose.