Looking Ahead

The time to start thinking about 2010 is now.  Dr. Helen is off to a good start.  Sadly, her commenters are decending into a fever swamp.  Dr. Helen asks:

Perhaps if conservatives and libertarians work together to defeat a few Democrats and keep Republicans in place, 2010 will be a more welcoming place for us. Anyone out there with any concrete ideas on how to go about doing this–other than the obvious such as putting up and running websites like EvanBayhwatch.com etc?

I think most of the Democrats up for Senate are pretty safe, unless the next two years are an unmitigated disaster (which they could be).  We should probably focus our energies on The House.  What libertarian/conservative folks need to be doing is getting the two magic keys to relevance in politics: money and votes.  There has been talk about growing a “Rightroots” movement.  I will have more thoughts on this later.  I do think the blogosphere needs to get more involved in political action.  If all the right blogosphere ever does is highlight news, and bounce ideas around between ourselves, we’ll just be chattering while the progressives are destroying the country.

If we want people to listen, if we want to be relevant, then we have to work.  No one will listen to you if all you can offer are ideas.  Ideas are like assholes, everybody has one.  Votes and money are a different thing.  If you can bring those to the table, politicians will listen.

5 thoughts on “Looking Ahead”

  1. The mid-terms will have a huge conservative tilt I think, I can’t help but believe that only 2 years of being screwed over by the Dems will make many see the err of their ways, and if that doesn’t do it, the last 2 years of Obama and Company should make Ray Charles SEE 20/20, and ray is dead…

  2. That tilt has no chance of happening without action. Talk is cheap, but getting out and working is hard. But, if we can get everyone to give a little, it could happen.

  3. Well, my first thought is perhaps silly, but… you know I did a lot of church fundraising when I was a kid. I sold donuts door to door even.

    Would it be a good idea to just do plain ol’ fundraising for NRA etc? Would the money be better spent elsewhere?

  4. Sadly, her commenters are decending into a fever swamp.

    I can’t remember who it was (LabRat, I think…) who referred to her “Legions of Muttering Misogynists”, but I thought it was hilarious. Helen did when I told her, too.

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