Stay Classy, Chris King

Chris King, my local state representative who was just defeated by a Republican in an overwhelmingly Democratic year, apparently has just closed up his office.

The door to the district office of state Rep. Chris King, D-142, on Wood Lane in Middletown was locked late Thursday morning. Calls to the office received a message referring calls to the Middletown office of state Sen. Tommy Tomlinson, R-6, at 215-945-2800.

House offices are required to transition on November 30th according to state law.  Most state reps will keep their offices open to serve constituents as close to that date as possible.  Says Frank Farry, who defeated King on November 4th:

“We’re diligently working to get our office open as soon as possible,” Farry said. “I’ve already spent several days in Harrisburg trying to get the necessary approvals. I’m disappointed Rep. King chose to close his office within a few days of the election instead of remaining open until the Nov. 30 deadline. He committed to me [that] we would have a transition between our two offices, but that obviously is not going to occur.”

I hope no one needs any constituent services in the next few weeks.

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