Fred’s Appeal

I agree with Countertop, agreeing with Mark Corallo.  Fred is a shitty politician, which is why we all liked him.  He was willing to speak principles when everyone else was looking for sound bites.  He was willing to level with people rather than trying to tell them what they wanted to hear.

It’s a sad statement on our political climate that it doomed him to defeat, but in this day in age, we need a candidate who believes what Fred believes, and who can talk Fred’s talk, but who can also present those principles in such a way that it makes an emotional connection with voters.  That was one of Ronald Reagan’s real talents, and also, whether we want to admit it or not, one of Bill Clinton’s as well.

Fred’s departure has destroyed all my optimism for 2008, but I will continue to look for a candidate who can carry a message of freedom, limited government, federalism, and adherence to this country’s founding principles to the unwashed masses of voters.  It’s sad though, that 2008 will not be that year.

6 thoughts on “Fred’s Appeal”

  1. Well…. You know a another blogger who would be willing to run for president? I’m joking and serious at the same time.

  2. Your post is 100% correct. I a still in shock that SC did not give him a better showing.

    Margie has already ordered bumper stickers that say “Don’t blame me. I would have voted for Fred!”

  3. Conservative voters have often either stayed away from the polls on election day or voted for the libertarian when they weren’t excited about the Republican on the ballot. I’ve always been critical of that practice on the grounds that all it does it elect Democrats who turn out worse than the worst Republican.

    But if McCain is the nominee I will become one of the those conservatives. I know that if too many others think the same way it will only give the election to Hillary. But there’s no Democrat bad enough, there’s nothing bad enough that would ever get me to pull the lever for John McCain.

    I wanted Fred but I’ll hold my nose and vote for Romney, but never for McCain and probably not for any of the other Republican bozos either.

  4. Until the federal court system isn’t a weapon in the culture wars; there is no federal election unimportant enough to “sit out” in hopes that the powers that be can hear the sound of silence.

  5. This is dead-on, his style sucks for electability.

    I believe that it’s a crisis that every politician feels they have to offer handouts to interest groups to get elected. In that sense, the election is lost.

  6. Fred appealed to reason and intellect rather than emotion and that sealed his fate. That will never work because most voters would rather vote based on their “feelings.” Voting based on your “feelings” means you don’t have to THINK or do anything other than blindly pull a lever or press a button.

    Besides, appealing to the reason of the electorate means forcing them to accept reality. It’s much easier for some people to remain ignorant and pretend we can all live in an imaginary la la land of peace & harmony where everyone is provided for and everyone gets what they want. These people will never vote for a man of integrity who tells them the truth, they’ll vote for the guy who can best promise them things and shield them from reality.

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