Thuggery in Philadelphia

Looks like the Black Panthers are trying to intimidate voters:


I’m happy to see the Philadelphia Police dealt with this problem, but this is a signficant problem.  We’re also hearing reports of Republican poll watchers getting kicked out of polling places.  The state legislature needs to deal with this problem, and act to preserve the integrity of elections in this commonwealth.  When people do stuff like this, they should be sent to prison.

9 thoughts on “Thuggery in Philadelphia”

  1. I can understand that sentiment out of the NAACP … but the Black Panthers?

    Those two young punks don’t comprehend jack ****, and certainly not the intimate details of why civil rights are not a black and white issue. Why are idealists so often ignorant?

    They really, really need to read this paper.
    From Ballots to Bullets: District of Columbia v. Heller and the New Civil Rights Law

  2. Gregory, I’m not in PA but as I understand it’s pefectly legal for a citizen to carry in PA to the polls if they are located someplace that is legal to carry at any other time. But it’s not legal for police to carry in the polling place.

  3. The Black Panthers are back, so is the SDS, and Ayers (Weathermen) never really left. Shit!
    Until now I didn’t know why/where/how Ayer’s got his family clout, but recently found-out his dad was Commonwealth Edison boss Thomas Ayers — who was also a Northwestern University Trustee and former Board Chairman – which is where his nutjob spouse Dohrn landed employment. All elitist patronage.

  4. Prison? He’s luck he doesn’t suddenly gain 150 grains.

  5. Here in Tennessee, given that my polling place was a school, I could not legally carry. Of course, something tells me that the little, old, feisty ladies working inside would have put up with that kind of unadulterated bullshit.

  6. The NAACP is the political wing, the Panthers are the muscle… Ayers and the Weather Underground are going to be Cabinet guys… As will Powell, Jackson, Sharpton, Farrakhan, Rev Wright and the like…

    They’re gonna plant a watermelon patch in the Rose Garden if they win… State Dinners catered by Popeye’s…

    Uh, yeah, I’ll save someone some time, YES, I am…

  7. I never get to have any fun. Why don’t these assholes ever try this kind of shit with me?
    Kudos to the guy who called the cops, but I’m not sure I’d have had that kind of restraint. At the very least, I’d have been there all day, in order to escort people, who might otherwise have been intimidated, into the polling place
    Get ready. this kind of thuggery is going to become commonplace in areas where predominantly black populations see Urkel’s victory as justification for all sorts of bad behavior.

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