McClintock Interview

I had submitted the following question to the person who contacted me claiming to represent McClintock’s campaign:

  1. How do you think conservative values can be promoted in a heavily Democratic state like California? Do you think that conservatives will ever to be able to regain a significant role in California State Politics?
  2. Do you think that Proposition 11 will help break the gridlock of partisan dominance enjoyed by the Democratic Party, or will it just replace the old system with another un-accountable, un-elected body of uber-officeholders like The Coastal Commission and the California Air Resources Board?
  3. One issue that is important to my readers is the Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms.  If you’re elected to Congress, it will likely be alongside many new Democrats, who may not be as sympathetic to the right.  What steps would you take to ensure that, even under significant Democratic control, our rights under the Second Amendment suffer as little damage as possible.
  4. Do you think there’s any hope for restoring lost Second Amendment rights to Californians? As someone who has been a leader in fighting for that, have you seen any developments that can give gun owners in California some hope that perhaps things will get better?
  5. If elected to Congress, what kind of Supreme Court justices would you want to see nominated to the high court?  Are there any circumstances where you would vote ‘no’ on a nominee for the Supreme Court?

So far, no word back.  If you live in Tom’s district, please, make sure you get out and support him.  He’s a great supporter of the Second Amendemnt.  I wish I could have posted an interview, but in a busy campaign, sometimes things fall through the cracks.

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