Well-Timed Ads

I love a well-timed political ad. If it’s relevant to the news cycle, people can identify with it and it makes politics seem a little more relevant. Most folks I know pay more attention to relevant political ads rather than the ones that rehash the same debates that aren’t even up for debate anymore, i.e. abortion or other issues that simply aren’t even up for debate in the current political climate.

That said, Jon Corzine, in an effort to pull up his dismal poll results, is bringing in President Obama to campaign for him today. Considering that Corzine is doing at the state level what Obama wants to do at the federal level, the White House want to make sure that Corzine wins. Otherwise, I’m sure they fear that a Democratic loss would be considered a mandate against the President from a solid blue state like New Jersey. If Virginia goes back into the hands of the GOP, then they really have a problem on their hands.

In response to Obama’s visit today, Chris Christie’s campaign put out this very timely web video:


I love the enthusiasm of the last voter. She’s quite excited.

I love it, lots of NJ voters who drank the HopeChange Kool-Aid and now realize that the HopeChange is a little bitter. They see the tax hikes, cancellation of tax rebates, and massive debts as a bad thing. I love the relevance, and I hope this gets some airtime in the MSM today. It’s relevant to the story of Obama visiting and the latest poll numbers, so there’s a good chance it could get picked up as part of a news story.

2 thoughts on “Well-Timed Ads”

  1. StateRunMedia picking this up? NOT a snowball chance in hell. Personally I hope all those obubble voters with buyer’s remorse are enjoying the Thai-pepper enima he’s giving them – right up to their tonsils.

  2. It’s actually not uncommon for them to mention new ads in regular reporting if the ad is timely and relevant to something newsworthy.

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