Long Battleground State Day

Bitter and I canvassed two large neighborhoods today, and ran into a couple of Obama Canvassers, who were driving their SUV around the neighborhood rather than walking it.  It’s conservation you can believe in.

Once we got back, it was a bit late to head out to canvass another neighborhood, so we decided to sit down and call the remaining neighborhoods.  All in all, we probably covered about 600 households today either on foot or via telephone.  After that, when we went out to get some food, we parked next to a couple of Democrat canvasers, who made foul gestures to our vehicle on the way out of the restaurant.  It was pleasing to see.

Tomorrow is the big day.  We’ll find out whether this whole enterprise will pay off with a victory.

UPDATE: I really like the slogans they put in the phone bank booths:

Phone Bank
Phone Bank

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