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  1. Well, see, it’s freedom of choice. We are free to choose with whom we do business and the idiot Liberals don’t like that. Freedom for them isn’t the same as freedom for the rest of us. They want us to live in a nanny-state with them as the nannies.

  2. Do you believe that Walmart is good for this country? Do you believe that stocking and selling cheap chinese made products helps our economy? I don’t see you boycotting Walmart. You can rally ’round the call of the NRA, who have lined the pockets of Republicans without questioning who the hell these politicians were and what they believed. For the most part they believe in money and power, not your gun rights. Dan Cooper, a life long republican, sees the folly in voting for MCain because Palin is in no way fit for ANY leadership role. The republican party put the nail in their own coffin on this one, and I assure you Cooper isn’t the only republican NRA member, that feels this way.

  3. What I believe about Wal-Mart is irrelevant. The fact of the matter is, it’s hypocritical to suggest that you can choose not to patronize a business because you don’t agree with their politics, and suggest I can’t do the same thing as an NRA member.

  4. Dan Cooper, a life long republican….

    Who only donates money to Democrats….

    As for the rant against Wal-Mart, I spend perhaps $200/month at my local one, and usually none of it is Made In China. Ah ha!, after a fair amount of checking, I found that my Colgate(TM) toothbrushes are made in China! Oh, the shame!

    It’s all groceries and drug store type stuff (and it goes without saying that the very few food items Wal-Mart stocks that are from China (I’ve only seen fish) are reflexivly dropped (really, I do it before the conscious thought really has time to finish :-)).

    And that’s the Original Sin of Wal-Mart.

    Not that they sell a lot of stuff that’s Made In China (for after all, everyone else does that as well). It’s that they got into the grocery business without the benefit of union blessing. So before the recent run up in prices, it was calculated they saved a average family of four about $100/per month on their grocery bill. And that just won’t do.

    Their groceries are just fine, what you’ll find at any other store (the selection is a bit smaller, although it seems to be more a different selection that the Kroger I occasionally go to), and their store brand is the usual hit or miss, with some really nice hits. I also apprecaite that they don’t play the sale game, “everyday low prices” is that much less hassle in my life.

    But it’s the non-union workforce that cannot be tolerated and which is why they Must Be Destroyed.

    Or perhaps unioned by force, for if a fillibuster free Senate allows a President Obama to sign a “card check” law, the secret ballot for organizing workforces will be over. Then again, in my part of the US, which is close to the home of Wal-Mart, union thugs showing up at your house to “convince” you to sign a card won’t always get a … friendly reception. We’ll see what happens.

  5. So your beliefs are formed by the NRA… good use of your constitutional freedoms. What’ll you do when china has bought them. I agree that liberal or conservative can choose who or what to patronize… I disagree with the demonization of Dan Cooper because the NRA doesn’t control his decision making in politics. If you think that the republican ticket this year is worth of the party, then I have to respectfully disagree and vote my conscience, not the NRA’s. And what you believe about Walmart is relevant because it demonstrates your indifference to matters that affect this country… what do you think about the 700 billion bailout of the banking industry? Who are you going to boycott, or has the NRA newsletter not told you yet.

  6. Seriously Harold are you that dumb? Or do you think everyone else is that dumb? You must buy $200 dollars of groceries a week from walmart and nothing from their fine durable goods product line. Where’d you buy you’re t.v. what brand is it? Where’d you buy you’re clothing, Where’d you buy you’re radio? Go through every product you’ve purchased in the past year (other than groceries) and tell me the country of manufacture. I am NOT in favor of unions, at the same time I can recognize that Walmart is bad for jobs in America. They do not support American companies, they support China, so do you. Just wait until Walmart sells its company to China, which is all China wants so they can not only own the production of it’s products, but also distribution. Then my friend you can opine about how much it sucks to be a white china-man because you saved a few cents at walmart. Let me assure you when that happens you won’t even have a bb gun in your possesion, because you’re NRA will have sold you out too. The idea is not to be a sheep. And after voting the republican ticket for your entire adult life means life-long republican. By not voting republican THIS election makes you a patriot.

  7. I am not entirely sure you should be calling other people “dumb” when you do not even know the difference between “you’re” and “your”.

    As for your initial post, RJ, Wal-Mart is irrelevant, and not the topic of discussion. But thanks for trying to derail the thread. What is the point is that liberals/Democrats/”progressives” have used boycotts as political and economic tools to further their own desires (and no doubt will in the future), and yet liberals/Democrats/”progressives” were the first to jump all over gunbloggers like Sebastian myself when it came to this anti-Dan-Cooper boycott.

    That, quite simply, is called “hypocrisy”, and truly exposes those liberals for who and what they really are. “Do as I say, not as a do,” has long since been the mantra of the Democratic Party, and this particular event has simply been another example of it. At any rate, Dan Cooper may be registered Republican, but voting for Obama indicates something else…

    As for the NRA, they did not get involved in this situation, except to report on it. They did not instigate the boycott, they did not suggest the boycott, they did not even assist in the boycott – they simply put up a news article once the boycott (and its fallout) reached the national news. To make a long story short, there was no “call of the NRA”.

    In other news, my friend, from the three comments of yours I have read, you come across as nothing more than a tin-foil-hat conspiracy theorist, and I really have to wonder how you operate on a daily basis, given you seem to think everyone is out to get you. Oh, wait, given your last comment, I can rest assured you believe that the great Obamamessiah will make everything better, and there will be rainbows and fairies and a pig in every pocket, or something like that. Good luck with that.

  8. RJ: I’m impressed by your ability to reach out across the Internet and know that I’m lying, that I’m still a member of the NRA, that I didn’t vote for a black Democrat in this election (heh :-), etc.

    Nope, it won’t be my NRA that sells me out. Not “mine” because in addition to demonstrating a weird variant of regulatory capture by its PR firm Ackerman McQueen, I’ve only been able to discover two Federal gun control laws that were passed without its blessing (bonus points to anyone who can name the second one, an exception that proves the rule).

    And of course they’ve made sure there can be no repeat of the Cincinnati Revolt, so at this point it’s irretrievably fallen to Pournelle’s Iron Law of Bureaucracy. (And as a side note, Wikipedia’s entry on the NRA has been scrubbed of any mention of the Revolt or Ackerman McQueen, which I know used to be on it….)

    Anyway, I won’t reply to any more of your postings, unless you want to discuss the two above points WRT to the NRA; you are very certain that I’m dishonest and that leaves us with no basis to continue.

  9. Hillarious, WWJD? You guys are funny as hell. Dan Cooper gave money to Obama BECAUSE of the poor republican ticket. A feeble minded old man and a female who has more experience on her back. But hey, it’s all about yur guns! Good catch on the your, you’re… how about this … yur sure a fake. I wish you the best for Palin in 2012. Hypocrisy, I’m amazed you didn’t burst into flames uttering the word. How’s the 401k by the way.

  10. What about the liberal response to people choosing not to buy Dixie Chicks albums because of their political statements?

    I seem to recall a whole lot of screaming about how horrible that was.

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