HSUS Children’s Book Fail

According to Heather in Alaska, HSUS decided to write a children’s book about a cute, cuddly Grizzly Bear, and wanting to base it on a real bear, contacted Glacier National Park for some assistance. Apparently the real Grizzly the HSUS children’s story was based on went on to hunt down and eat a park employee.

6 thoughts on “HSUS Children’s Book Fail”

  1. That’s pretty hilarious, though not for the unfortunate park employee. Bear’s are great to have in our parks, but play your kids the final minutes of audio from “Grizzly Man” sometime if you want to educate them on the real reason we don’t feed them by hand. I hadn’t realized HSUS was another PETA parody.

  2. Something Col.Cooper penned springs to mind…it went something along the lines of:

    “..bears are not to be taken as cuddly”

    You’d think HSUS would know this.

  3. The bigger fail? This book is rated at almost the 6,000,000th (6 millionth) “best seller.” That’s amazing. My self-published novel, which only sells a paperback version every month or so (does a lot better on Kindle) has never gone below 2.8 millionth — and that number doesn’t reflect the constant trickle of Kindle sales, only the occasional sale of a paperback. So one book every month or two keeps you at 2.8 millionth. And their at nearly 6 millionth.

    I’ll bet it’s been a year since anybody bought this book! To put this into perspective … if it sells just one book it will go to 60,000th or so.

  4. I remember an Alaskan trucker telling the story of someone who had moved to Alaska from more…civilized…parts. She called 911 because a bear broke the back of a moose cub and started eating it.

    “Well, yeah, that’s what bears do!”

    “But the bear is eating it alive, from the rear!”

    “Yeah, bears do that, too!”

    The bear left the cub for a little bit, and then came back and dragged it into the forest.

    I don’t know why, but I found that story funny. Maybe because it has something to do with civilized folk expecting nature to be civilized…

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