McCain Rally in Southeastern Pennsylvania

John McCain is coming back to Southeastern Pennsylvania for the last time before Tuesday.  This should indicate that their data shows the election is much closer than the media is reporting.  Ed Rendell’s numbers must be showing that too, or he wouldn’t be telling Obama to get his butt back here.  I’m inviting anyone who wants to go to contact me, because if we can turn out 100 sportsmen, we’ll get special (i.e. good) seating.

Road to Victory Rally with John McCain and Tom Manion

Doors Open 12 noon, Program Begins 2pm
Pennridge Regional Airport
1100 North Ridge Road
Perkasie, PA

I know I have a fair number of Pennsylvania readers, so if you’re in the area, or don’t mind a drive, let me know.  It’s important for gun people to turn out.  Wear your NRA and sportsman’s gear.  Make sure the politicians know where their bread gets buttered.  It’s important that politicians see the pro-gun vote.  So come out if you can.  Even if you don’t care about McCain, Tom Manion definitely deserves support.

9 thoughts on “McCain Rally in Southeastern Pennsylvania”

  1. Seriously folks, if we don’t show up for this stuff, they won’t care about our issue any more. It’s that simple.

    Just email Sebastian and let him know. He’ll send you details on how to meet up with us and get in. Bring your friends and family members. Just give us an idea on the number so we know when we hit the mark.

  2. I got lost in Southeast PA the other night (don’t ask) and I saw a TON of McCain/Palin signs.

    Kennett Square does seem to be full of Obama folks though.

  3. Palin spoke to a crowd of 20,000 in the parking lot of the Springfield, Missouri Bass Pro Shop very recently and Obama is visiting Saturday. This is deep in the Red State part of Missouri (Branson is just to the south and is part of the metro area), in or at the edge of the budge of the cultural South into Southwestern Missouri.

    If Obama thinks there are enough voters to be had here that it’s worth a trip this late in the campaign, Missouri could go either way, and we’ve had a strong tendency to vote for the winner….

  4. Just wanted to see what the folks who are trying to take down the country are like. Don’t you have kids? Don’t you care about the future? My god, Bush cripples the greatest country on earth and your big issue is to make sure that we elect morons like Palin. Why not just go lynch someone and say what you really feel. SKip your hopeless rally. Goodbye country unless Obama wins.

  5. Doors open at 12. We’ll be standing under a sportsmen for McCain sign. E-mail me so I have your e-mail address. I can get e-mail on the iPhone.

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