The Hate Mail Rolls In

Here’s a sample of my Inbox from Obama supporters:

I read about what you did to Dan Cooper, you neo-nazi right wing bitch. You’re going to find out soon that you are in the minority, and we are not going to stand for people like you. Trying to ruin a good man’s life! You are scum.

John McCain will never win another election as long as he lives. Way to back the losing horse, and then get your name plastered all over USAToday for it.

From one american to another– FUCK YOU.

Stay Classy

You are a sick and a scary nutcase.  Thank God we have options in the U.S. and have the right to bear arms without you as our spokesman.  Please shoot you toe off instead of your mouth!!!

Who’s silencing who now?

I am an avid hunter from Michigan and our state will probably carry Obama.  My gun rights will not change because of this.  You Sir, are an ignorant PA. asshole.  Regards.

Have you looked at Obama’s record on guns?  I’m not the one that’s ignorant here.  Finally:

You can be traced, and someone can do this to you. Maybe I will show up outside your job, and picket them over you. Maybe I will write your local newspaper. Maybe I will just start my own blog, and rail against you until everything in your life is stripped away.

Like you did to Mr. Cooper.

I hope he does start his own blog.  The entertainment value would be high.  “What you did was wrong and despicable, so I’m going to do the same thing to you!”  Apparently he’s not heard about what happens if you add two wrongs together, even assuming that asking my fellow gun owners to tell a company you were unhappy about what their CEO was doing to them by supporting a man who’s tried to destroy the second amendment his entire political career.

Stay classy, Obama supporters.  Stay classy!

35 thoughts on “The Hate Mail Rolls In”

  1. Ah yes, the ever so lovely crowd that cannot discern between government censorship and freedom of speech. These are the people who love to silence their critics using the power of the government instead of grass roots efforts to shun those they don’t agree with.

    We did nothing more than shine a light on Dan Cooper. Those who purchased his wares did not appreciate his willingness to sell them out and responded vocally. THAT is how you change people’s minds. And there’s nothing wrong with that, even when it happens to someone we agree with. If you lose business because you support McCain, then so be it.

    The difference is none of us went and looked up Dan Cooper’s tax liens. We didn’t go looking for errors in his FFL. We didn’t try to contact his ex-girlfriends to see if he was lousy in the sack. Those who support Obama had no such reservations against Joe the Plumber who had the audacity to ask Obama a tough question.

  2. logic was the first resource our nation ran short on……….stupidity continues to be cheap and plentiful, and these people are investing heavily

  3. *shaking head, but not quite in disbelief*

    I hope you’re able to take it and laugh, man. That’s what I had to do with the hate mail I got over my anti-Obama YouTube videos. I got insulted based on everything from my haircut, vocal inflections, and things I hadn’t even said. How dare you oppose the Obamessiah or his disciples!

    Let me balance this out by saying thanks. I was offended by Zumbo calling my rifle of choice a terrorist’s tool, and I was dismayed that Cooper could be so foolish as to give money to a candidate who would shut him down. I appreciate you spreading the word about stories like this. I don’t want to support people who will sell my freedoms down the river.

  4. This seems like an appropriate time to thank you for bringing Dan Coopers’ donations to the attention of the shooting public.

    I’m not going to lie and say that until this was revealed that I was in the market for a Cooper the way the anti’s always say; I’m a gun owner/hunter ‘but’… I’m not in the market for an expensive rifle, and probably won’t be any-time soon.

    On the other hand, I’m still young, I’m not at my earning peak, and I have a lot of buying yet to do. What Dan Cooper has done; is to take Cooper rifles out of the aspirational column. Permanently.

    Actions have consequences. (no matter how much the Left doesn’t want that to be true)

  5. You can tell a lot about a person by whom their enemies are. I’m proud to know you.

    I also think it’s interesting that one can’t really tell what they think you did from their emails.

    Name calling, baseless accusations and threats. About par for the course.

  6. While I disagree with you at least 50% of the time, Cooper we agreed on.

    I think I really need to finish reading Atlas Shrugged to see where Obama takes us.


    Oh loooooook. Looky who is touted as the voice of hunters and sportsmen.

    “It’s a really McCarthyism at its worst,” said Bob Ricker, executive director of the American Hunters and Shooters Association, which has endorsed Obama. “That’s really why our organization was formed, was to deal with this craziness. If you’re a gun owner, but you have a contrary view to some of these wackos, they will go out and try to destroy you.”

    Also, same dude was used by NPR yesterday when they were doing a piece on increased gun sales – with the usual denials that b-HO wanted to take guns. The reporter said that AHSA “wanted a seat at the table” during the Obama Administration. A ha.

    These charades are tiresome at best – and terrifying at worst.

  8. And meanwhile, the NRA made the wise choice to remain silent over this.

    This thing will blow over in a couple days.

  9. I have a question. Why are Liberals so violent? Are they not a post to be the peace loving bunch of nut jobs.

  10. “You’re going to find out soon that you are in the minority, and we are not going to stand for people like you.”

    What is it that this “majority” plans to do? Arrest us? Send us to re-education camps? Eliminate us?

    Hey, lefties… we’re armed. Come and take them. :-)

  11. Great work on this Sebastian. The fact that you’ve got Ricker and the Obama cult all worked means this must be making them a bit nervous.

  12. Thank you and congratulations!! I’m proud to have met you and glad you’re on our side!
    (And BTW it’s clear from these exchanges that the Left hates minorities, unlike the Right.) :-)

  13. I love it when I get hate mail like this, it lets me KNOW, I have done something RIGHT!!

    And you did something very RIGHT!! Keep it up…

  14. I’m glad you did this. My vote is already going to McCain, but keep sounding the trumpet, maybe enough people will listen.

  15. You know, I always wondered why a little voice in the back of my head told me to keep my email address not-too-obvious on my webpage…

    Granted, receiving hate mail in some circumstances (like this one) can be rather empowering, and indicative of you doing the right thing…

  16. B Smith – Yep, that’s what his “Civilian Security Force” is for. I cannot believe this tool has a change to be POTUS. What is America thinking?

  17. All one has to do, (in Michigan) is to drive outside of the big city’s like Detroit, Flint, and Ann Arbor, to see, that a very large number of people in Michigan are not Insane. Unfortunately, the city’s seem to overide our votes.

  18. it must just be a coincidence that the most uneducated, rural, redneck areas are overwhelming pro-McCain. there can’t be a correlation between lack of education, culture, diversity, etc. and one’s political affiliations. go anti-intellectualism! what this country need’s is the least qualified, most ignorant everyman. go joe the plumber!

  19. No kidding. I have a college education, am now considered to be “rich” by Barack Obama, and live five miles north of Philadelphia. I’m supporting McCain. Most of my fellow gun bloggers fit in the same boat. I don’t think any of us have ever humped our cousins.

  20. Well, the funny thing is the Johns of the world despise people like me the most. I am from the suburbs of Atlanta, so there’s a fairly large redneck streak in me. I’m a former Marine. I took a little college, but realized I could do better in my field if I learned it on my own. Sometimes, working 3 jobs at a time, I managed to work up from literally having nothing to being quite comfortable. In fact, I’m the sole financial provider for my family.

    I did all this *in spite* of what the government tried to take away in taxes or limiting opportunities. And because I’m so “unintelligent” that I can get by without Uncle Sam directing my every move, John and his compatriots envy me and hate everything I stand for.

    Oh well. He can cling to his bitter stereotypes if it helps him feel better about himself I guess.

  21. Sorry Robb, you’re a “rich” guy. He doesn’t want to keep you down, he just wants to give other people the opportunity, who work really hard, to get ahead, so they can also be “rich” and then he can take their money.

  22. You are not in the minority and these little twigs of stupidity are about to find that out. McCain/Palin WILL win and gun rights will continue to be the law.

    The Imitation Christ and drug induced minions are NOTHING in this country and they are about to learn the cruelest lesson of all. AMERICANS love AMERICA just the way she is!

  23. Sebastian,

    Welcome to the ranks of the greatly despised. Consider it a badge of honor.

    Some of these nutcases have come after me on various issues, the latest being called a member of an ‘angry mob’ against Obama that is to be viewed as potentially violent.

    It’s sort of funny, actually. Here most of us gun owners have never been violent in our entire lives. But once the Obamessiah’s worshippers feel threatened, the true color of the Leftists come to light.

    In spite of portraying themselves as ‘peaceful, non-violent, anti-gun activists,’ they sure do get nasty and violent at the drop of a hat if you buck them.

    And this is one of the reasons Barack Obama represents such a grave danger to the nation. The Left WILL use violent means to bring about their ultimate goals.

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