9 thoughts on “McCain on Assault Weapons”

  1. John Mccain is the poster boy of all that is wrong with the republican party today. He stands for death, destruction, debt, deceit, intolerance, and greed. He is a two dimensional cardboard figure erected to once again abandon america to more ruin. He says that he is pro. gun…yeah! right! such pandering …he obviously has nothing but comtempt for our intelligence and memory. He wants to be president for next 4 yrs, ….he crashed 4 aircraft during training..and he finished 4th from bottom from his class at annapolis…boy!..don’t get me started…yeah right!

  2. Actually, when it has come to banning certain classes of guns, McCain has generally been pretty solid. There are some things I trust him on, and this issue is one of them. Private sales I also trust him on, it’s just that he’s not on my side on that issue.

  3. Just noticed today that Mc Cain is against the veteran’s education bill….I guess that he likes em dead and dumb…..


  4. How is he for debt? He’s only of the leaders against pork. (I suppose he could be for other spending increases, but he is quite anti-pork at least.)

  5. McCain is against that bill because of all of the pork stuck in it, Art. Do your research on the scope of that bill as it stands. If you’re talking about the same bill that’s up right now, it’s going to have problems anyway since the House may not vote for all of the extra crap stuck on it in the Senate. Is everyone who stands up against these kinds of secret spending or last minute attempts to waste money without debate against veterans? Or do you only assign that title when you personally don’t like other positions of a candidate?

  6. I couldn’t agree more Bitter. I’m also a Navy vet and I love McCain for the same reasons why the hard right don’t like him and the hard left don’t like Lieberman. They are the only two in congress who don’t blindly follow a party… or should we call them “flock.”

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