Funny Business & Cooper Firearms of Montana

Dave Hardy notes that contributions are listed for Daniel Cooper in two states, which are high enough to take him over the legal campaign contribution limit:

Egad; looks as if he might be involved in the reports of Obama illicit donations. Go here to see contributions by Dan or Daniel Cooper. $3,100 to Obama from a Dan Cooper in Montana, president/CEO of Cooper Arms. Plus $3,100 to Obama from a Daniel Cooper in Ohio, also president/CEO of Cooper Firearms of Montana. Got to be the same guy. And why use different names, States, and company names, except to conceal the fact that the cumulative donations are illegal? (The limit is $2,300 for the primary and the same for the general).

This just gets better.

UPDATE: Dave notes in the update that the campaign seems to have refunded the overage, so no harm done here.  This kind of thing happens fairly often, since people often don’t know what the contribution limits are, or forgot how much they’ve already given.

UPDATE: It turns out there was nothing illegal or funny going on here.  It was a mistake.  The other accusations of Cooper’s support of Obama’s candidacy still stand.

8 thoughts on “Funny Business & Cooper Firearms of Montana”

  1. This is wrong. The donations aren’t over the limits. Run the numbers. And I still don’t get the same numbers that Dave does when I run the FEC searches. Just to allow for Dan vs. Daniel vs. Dan L. vs. Daniel L., I ran Da* Cooper and pulled every state and every employer.

  2. Even the FEC lists his contributions as being over the limit ($3100 per cycle) though they have him living in Ohio and NY. The refund only absolves the campaign, not the donator, though you are correct in the frequency with which this kind of thing happens and the FEC will never actually go after someone for such a small amount. See comments on Dave’s blog for more murkiness.

  3. I did not mean to say that the limit is $3100, it’s not, but that the FEC says he gave $3100 during the cycle, which is over the limit and hence the refund. But it looks like the Obama campaign, and therefore the FEC confused two Dan Coopers, so it’s irrelevant anyway. He does live in Ohio though.

    And donor is correct. Please forgive my mistake.

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